Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Treadmill and other stuff...

This is the new treadmill Geoff and I just bought a couple of days ago. It is a Landice L7 Sport Trainer and got a top review by Runner's World. It has been set up in our basement Thurs. evening and I have already run on it twice! We will definitely be getting our money's worth and there will be no more skipped runs or excuses for not running outside in the cold!

I bought these brand new 606's back in October but obviously haven't tried them out yet. My own set of race wheels! Not only will they be fast but they also look great with my bike!

Geoff got me the new Newton racers for Christmas. Haven't tried them out yet, but I will use these for my races next year. I will plan to try them out a few times at the indoor track at the leisure centre soon. They are really cool shoes, the forefoot technology encourages you to land on your forefoot as opposed to a heel strike, resulting in more efficient technique. I might look into getting the trainers to train in as well.

Yesterday I had a good 60 min massage with some work on my upper back and neck area, as well as legs of course. I also tried out the treadmill and just did a very ez 30 min run while watching What Not to Wear (I know, how dorky!). Today was a 45 min run on the treadmill with progressing speed, I felt good and my legs actually feel great today. I planned on swimming sometime in the late afternoon but have not actually left the house yet so I will probably end up going tomorrow. I will be back to my regular 3 swims a week once the St. Albert pool re-opens on Jan. 5. I will also start up with coaching the group again in St. Albert.
I am going to be meeting with a registered dietician next week to discuss a customized program for myself for sport performance and a better diet to address my iron deficiency problem. I have coverage for this in my benefits so might as well take advantage of it! I am looking forward to this and hopefully it won't result in me having to spend a lot of extra time cooking!
Tomorrow I plan on doing a long run of 80-90 mins (I should go outside but don't want to as the high is only -12C!), as well as a swim of about 2500m. I have to work half a day on Dec. 31 and then I have two days off, but I am behind on getting reports done at work so I had to bring my laptop home with me this weekend. I will probably be doing more work on reports on my two days off so it's not really much of a vacation! Oh well, the busier I am and the more work I do, the more I get paid so I won't complain!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maurice - formerly known as Stitches, and Gucci

Here is Gucci after pigging out on a lot of turkey at dinner. He loves Christmas (and Easter and Thanksgiving etc.) and probably gained an extra pound or two. After his walk, he required a very long nap on the sofa for the entire rest of the evening.

Here is a picture of the newly named Maurice (or Mo for short). He has adjusted very well to a house with 3 people, a passive cat (Boris), and a rambunctious pug (Gucci).

Training has been going well, at least where running is concerned. I actually haven't gotten a swim in since last Thursday (damn the St. Albert pool closure). I ran for 50 min on Christmas with Alice, and yesterday I did a 40 min run in the cold. I am running on the treadmill tonight and hopefully will do some weights (I have been sporadic with the weight training in the last month - or shall we say it was non-existent). I will post some pictures of my new training gear soon.

I am excited for the start of 2008 and what I know will be an awesome season! 2007 has been an extremely difficult and tragic year for my family and I am very glad that it will end in a few days.


Monday, December 24, 2007

This is hilarious

I can't figure out how to post the actual video, so until I can figure out how to do this, I have posted the link. If anyone has an idea, let me know!

One more week to go...

One more week of training on my own. I have hired myself a coach and will be starting training in a week! I will be working with Mark Bates, of 321 Coaching (check out the website at I think this will be a really good fit and I am very excited and motivated to work hard! Now I won't have to worry about whether I am doing the right type of training or not, I can just follow what he gives me and not have to spend extra time planning my workouts. Mark is a former world-class triathlete himself (both short and long course), and has a lot of experience in coaching triathletes.

I did a 60 min run yesterday - I had planned to do 80 min but it turned out that I only had time for 60. I actually had a really good run and went at a tempo-ish pace, leaving the HR monitor at home. I felt strong throughout and felt good at the end, which is always a good sign. Some strange things I saw during the run: On my way back toward home I heard this pounding coming from behind me, even with my headphones on and music blaring. This guy then blows past me, and he is wearing shorts and no toque! It was about -6C out! I mean, come on buddy, it's not that warm out! It's winter! I was comfortable wearing tights, a jacket, and toque, so his legs must have been numb! A short while later I saw 2 teenagers up ahead on the side of the trail sheepish looking at me as I approached. As I ran by I noticed the unmistakeable smell that they were smoking something they shouldn't be!I just laughed to myself and continued on. To each his own.

The reason I didn't have enough time for my planned longer run yesterday was that we went to the SPCA to pick out a cat for my youngest brother (Mark) for Christmas. It was supposed to be a surprise, but when we brought it home, Mark already knew as he had overheard some of us talking about it. We were at the SPCA for a very long time (the adoption process is really quite extensive), and I wanted to take home many of the cats there! We picked out a 1 yr old named Stitches, he is black, white, and brown, and medium haired. He was so friendly and made himself right at home! He immediately got along well with Boris, the blue point Himalayan that lives with my dad and brothers. The pug, Gucci, was another story. He was very excited to see another animal and tried to run up to Stitches and play, but Stitches swatted him with his claws, so Gucci is a little scared now.

Unfortunately I had to come in to work today for a couple hours. So far I have not done any work. The only good thing about working today is that there was absolutely no traffic! It only took me 25 mins to get here, when it usually takes 30-35 mins! My brothers and sister and I are going on our annual Christmas Eve shopping trip to West Ed as soon as I am done here. We usually leave most of our shopping till now, and the mall is surprisingly not as busy as you would think. Most people are smart and stay away. One of these years we will learn.


Friday, December 21, 2007


So yesterday I found out from my doctor that my iron levels have dropped again and are still extremely low (it is currently at 5 when it should be between 20-100, and dropped from a 7 in September). The good thing is I am not currently anemic (i.e. my hemoglobin levels are not too low). Now I get to keep taking those 300mg iron pills twice a day until at least next summer!

Anyway, Karyn (my co-worker) and I went to the Keg for dinner last night for our work 'X-mas party'. It was the best (and most expensive) meal I had in a long time. I probably ate enough to feed a family (and spent $55 on food alone). I had bacon-wrapped scallops as an appetizer, steak and lobster for an entree, the chocolate mousse pyramid for dessert (yum), and a glass of red wine. I am basically still full today.

I went swimming at Grant McEwan with my sister Alice a couple hours after dinner, and actually didn't feel too bad considering how much I ate. It really doesn't make any sense to me that every single year at Christmas time, the St. Albert pool closes down for 3 weeks for its annual 'maintenance'. This poses a big inconvenience for me to get in my 3 weekly swims, not to mention sets me back $7 every time I visit another pool (I swim for free at St. Albert as it is included in my gym membership). Alice and I did an easy 2500m, the main set was 2 x 1000 broken (as 4x25 scull, 300 pull/paddles, 4x50 kick, 2x200 swim desc. 1 to 2). I am now focusing on doing more paddle work to build strength, and also have started using a band for my ankles when doing pull, and I will be incorporating more band only swimming in my workouts (i.e. 'sink or swim' drill). I will be introducing this tool to my swim group as soon as we start back up on Jan. 5.

Tonight I plan on doing a run at the gym on the treadmill, about 45 mins. It is freezing outside (-17c) and I have no intention in running outside in that weather today. Geoff (my boyfriend) and I are hoping to buy our own treadmill soon, which would make for extreme convenience!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog! Visit here often for updates on my training and racing, tips, and day to day life in my quest to be the best amateur triathlete I can be. My main goal for 2008 will be a top performance for Canada at the World Age Group Triathlon Championships, to be held in Vancouver in June.