Friday, May 30, 2008

The week in rewind

This week just flew by! I was pretty sore for a couple days after the race last weekend, and struggled through a few workouts. Monday was a very easy 70min bike ride as recovery. I thought it was warmer outside and wore cycling shorts, short sleeved jersey, and arm warmers. Turns out it was quite chilly! My hands were quite numb and I had goosebumps as I was not working even close to hard.

Tuesday was an easy 2600m mixed swim, no runs or bikes! Didn't feel overly great during that one. Wednesday was a tough day - I drove to Goldbar park right after work and ran 50mins. It was beautiful outside but my legs got really sore and tight by the end, with lingering soreness from the triathlon several days before. When I got home my right hip was hurting a bit to walk on, so I stretched really well and tried to recover and re-fuel in time to go biking around 7:30pm. I did a total of 90 mins, with 4 x a 3min hill, moderate grade. Worked it pretty good in all the wind and made it home in one piece. Stretched really well and iced the sore spots in my legs.

Yesterday was a high intensity, short run, which I did on the tready (even though it was sunny outside!) to monitor my speed. Finished the last couple mins at 6:50mile pace, which was really good for me (and hard). My swim yesterday turned out amazing - the main set was 5 x 100, 4 x 100, 3x100, 2x100, 1x100, all on 1:40 and getting faster each set. Started with 1:19-20, then 1:16-17 for the set of 4, then 1:15 for the 3, then 1:14 for the 2, and I hoped to go 1:13 for the last one. I ended up going 1:11 and was very happy with that! I felt super-strong and awesome in the water for the first time in a long time. WATCH OUT women in the 25-29 age group at Worlds (all amateur women for that matter)!

Just took a little blogging break and had a terrific massage - my legs feel great now and the niggling soreness seems to have gone. I am just about to head out the door to meet Bonnie for a bite at Brewster's (and perhaps a drink).

Other good news - I got my brand new set of wheels yesterday (Mazda 3 hatchback)!! It is really fun to drive, and such an improvement over the '88 Celica! The gears shift so easily it is almost like you are not driving a standard. And the heat turns off when you put it to 'off' - unlike the Celica where the 'off' switch didn't work. And I can look out the windshield and there is no huge crack hindering my line of vision! My poor old Celica was taken to 'Car Heaven' on Wednesday and is now in a better place. And the environment is also better off, as there is no leaking going on anymore!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Coronation Triathlon - first tri of the year!

When I got up yesterday morning and discovered that it was 8C and raining, I decided that I wasn't going to let the weather faze me. After all, I am now an expert in dealing with crappy weather for a race having gone through 3 races now in it! I gathered up all my warm clothing and was out the door at 7am with Geoff as my chauffeur (thanks Geoff!).

It turns out that the swim lane organization was anything but, as the race director had the genius idea of seeding the waves and lanes according to age group, and not by time like any other civilized pool-swim race. And they did not even organize swimmers of similar time in the same age group, as I was not even in a lane with other girls in my age group that can swim close to me (except for one girl, Natasha). As you can imagine, this is a recipe for chaos. I jumped into the pool (which turned out to be FREEZING, probably about 20C), and started swimming. I did not feel strong or good during any point of the swim. There were 6 people total in my lane: the only person I did not lap at all was Natasha (she was less than 30 secs behind me at the end), and everyone else we lapped many many times. One girl decided to swim the entire 1km backstroke! Wow, and why?? It was really fun trying to pass people all over the place, and at one point I was passing a girl who was also passing another girl at the same time.

After the extremely less-than-stellar swim, I ran out to my bike and put on my vest and arm warmers and was off. The 26km bike was really good, I pushed it really hard and worked my butt off on the hill that we did 4 times. There was a headwind going up the hill, and a tailwind going down, so I was flying down the hill (a gradual hill, not super-steep). I wasn't too cold on the bike and didn't encounter any problems. On the last lap of 4, I found myself actually getting hungry, so I took a gel and felt better.

Off the bike, had a decent dismount and then had to run on frozen feet on rough pavement all the way around the transition to my spot, which I couldn't find as I didn't memorize which rack I was on!! Whoops! I found my spot and ended up on the wrong side of the bar. No problem - put on my shoes, undid my helmet, and ditched the vest as I was running out onto the course. The run was good, but really tough! The first half was mostly downhill (same hill as the bike course), and I was flying. Maybe went out a bit too fast, as I faded on the way back and had to slow down a bit. With about 3km to go (of 8km), I got some major stitches and cramps in my upper trapezius muscles (for all you anatomy geeks out there) and also in my ribs. The sharp, stabbing kind that take your breath away and cause you to nearly hyperventilate while gasping for air. I kept pushing on, though, and finished strong.

My run still needs some work as I was still a few minutes behind the top girls for the run. I placed 3rd in my age group and 6th female overall, so ultimately I was happy with that. With a terrible swim, decent bike and struggling through the second half of the run, I have to be satisfied. I was not tapered at all and hopefully with a complete taper I will produce a stellar result at Worlds, which is less than 2 weeks away.

I didn't end up taking any pictures at all, even though I brought my camera. Sorry!! Maybe next time...

Here are the results in case you are interested:

Friday, May 23, 2008

Burning out?

Hey everyone... this has been a really tough week as I have been dealing with lack of motivation, niggling soreness in my legs, and rain everyday! My legs have been sore on most days this week and I'm not sure why. On Wednesday I had to cut out the intervals on my bike and just do an ez/steady ride. Yesterday I actually skipped my run workout in its entirety, and had a 90 minute nap after work instead. I really hate skipping workouts but in this case I think it was necessary for my health and sanity.

I awoke from my nap with only about 15 minutes to make and eat supper before I had to rush off to coaching. The nap did me some good, though, because I felt a bit better while coaching and then during my ez 2km swim. The only thing was, I couldn't fall asleep at night! It wasn't until 12 or 12:30am that I finally drifted off.

The week overall has not been good and I am glad it is nearly over. Today I am starting to get into a better mood and the sun was finally shining today. One thing I thought of to explain the negativity and dismal mood is that this week was the anniversary of my brother's death last year. May 24 will mark one calendar year - hard to believe it is a year already and it is mind boggling how quickly the time has passed. Perhaps subconsciously this has been eating away at me this week... Nevertheless, life must go on and you must continue to focus on what is important to you.

Tomorrow is 2 weeks to the day until the World Championships. We are getting down to the nitty gritty now and the vast majority of the hard work is done. I know these legs of mine have a fantastic break-out race in them just itching to get out - these legs have been there through all the hard training and painful workouts and have complained to me many times along the way. I am stronger than ever before. All of the sessions I have logged have had a purpose and a goal - no junk miles here. Consistency is everything, and I have been a picture of consistency with my training since starting on with Mark in January. June 7 will be the day to showcase all of the hard work. This Sunday is the Coronation Tri (1km pool swim, 26km bike, 8km run), which I am using to sharpen up before the World's. Hopefully the rain will hold off for the race - I am sick of dealing with crap weather races!

Geoff and I are planning on getting a puppy in July - one of the Boston Terriers from the litter pictured below. Look how cute the mom is! We are getting a boy - Gucci will have a new friend!

Also, my poor car is dying, so it looks like it is time to retire the 'Li-li-mobile' (my ancient 1988 white Toyota Celica). It has run like a charm for the past 3 years I have had it, and it was the first car I ever owned, so it is a sad thing to have to let it go. I love my old piece of crap! But... out with the old and in with the new - I will be buying my first-ever brand new car, probably this weekend! I was against it before but I caved and now am looking forward to owning a brand new piece of machinery. It was nice not to have a car payment each month, but the repairs and maintenance probably added up to a car payment each month. I will update once it has been confirmed. Bye for now!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

All aboard the pain train and a ride in the rain

Mount Robson - tallest point in the Rocky Mountains. Taken through the windshield during our drive home from Penticton - turned out pretty good for a 'through-the-glass' picture!
Well I am feeling pretty exhausted right now. It is Sunday evening and I am just about to head over to my Dad's for dinner. I am so hungry and tired and feel like I need another nap (after laying down for an hour this afternoon).

Yesterday I got my swim in from 8-9am, just before coaching. Did a total of 3400m, and it was definitely a quality workout! Main set: 2 sets of 10x100 on 1:30 (2 @ start speed, 8 @ mid race pace). My start speeds were about 1:15-1:16, and the MRP were about 1:17-1:19, so I was happy with that. Holding 1:20's is a 1500m time of 20:00, and I need to be under that again at all my races this year. Goal is to go 19:30! It was a hard practice and I pushed myself. At the halfway point, I took a rest break of 1min, and the guy in the next lane asked "Are you tired yet?". "Oh, I 'm tired", I replied.

I forgot to bring anything to eat after so I got pretty hungry while coaching until 10am. The afternoon was somewhat lazy. I got ready for my brick workout and started around 2:30pm. It was completely gorgeous outside - sunny and 28C, the best day of the year so far! I set up my trainer on the deck in the backyard so I could still enjoy the weather.
It is now Monday morning and I am finishing up my post as it didn't happen last night!! Anyway, the workout on Saturday was this: 20min bike warm-up, 10 min run warm-up, 6 x {6min bike tempo, 4 min tempo run}, at increasing speed/intensity and with lightning fast transitions. I definitely hopped on the pain train for this one! I started off hard, and kept up my effort throughout. Interestingly, my runs got stronger and faster each time, and I was able to run a bit further on each consecutive one! The bikes definitely got harder, and my legs were burning as soon as I started pedalling each time.
Sunday morning I was up at 7:30am and biked over to the pool to meet Deb, Christina, Colleen, and Mike, for a 2 hour ride. Of course it had to be raining!! I thought it was going to clear up but the rain continued on and off for most of the ride. My legs were pretty dead from the brick workout and I really noticed them on the hills. We soon became covered in dirt and sand and wet. Our bikes were completely filthy and disgusting, and my bike shorts, jersey, legs, shoes, socks, and everything else turned brown from the dirt. I had to spend some time cleaning my bike as soon as I got home, just to be able to bring it back in the basement!

Today is a longish run (90mins), and the weather is back to being great! Less than a week till my first tri of the year! Hopefully we are lucky with the weather as I have truly not had nice weather for any of my 3 races so far this year! I think it's about time!!!
Here is another picture taken just outside of Penticton of Lake Okanagan, on our journey home last week. The lake was like glass, with the complete reflection of the mountain in the background etched on the surface.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm so tired...

It is finally Friday and I feel like it was a long week... it was actually only a 4 day work week for me, though! Monday is another holiday so next week is another short week! For the first time in a looong time, we have beautiful weather for May long weekend. Today was absolutely terrific (25C and sunny), but it is my day off training so I didn't get to train in it! Tomorrow is even better - 28C and sunny. I have a super-brick planned tomorrow (bike/run/bike/run/ etc. etc. for like 3 hours or something with race pace efforts), should be quite interesting. I will let you know how it goes! I'm doing a swim early tomorrow morning and it will be the set I attempted on Tuesday but decided against it for a better day (20x100).

Other than that, I will enjoy my 3 days off this weekend. I am hoping to go out somewhere on Saturday evening with Bonnie, maybe to enjoy a drink or two on a patio - it has been way too long since we did anything Bonnie! Hopefully I am not too tired, which seems to be the usual story when I try and go out :)

Nothing much else to report here... unfortunately this post turned out to be quite boring so my apologies- I will attempt to make a super-exciting one next time to make up for it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back into the swing of things

Well this will be short and sweet as I really do not have much free time but felt like posting an update. I am really busy now that I am back to work, having been off for 6 days and the work has piled up!

Recovering well from the long training week and duathlon, my legs were quite sore the day after and during the long car ride home Monday (we made it back in just under 12 hours, with many stops). There is no way I could pull off a 20 hour training week while working 45 odd hours a week - it was hard enough while on vacation! Anyone that works full time and trains that much is crazy!

Did a 50 min steady run yesterday, felt good but calves became sore and tight. My swim last night was not anything too stellar, I planned to do 2 sets of 10x 100 on 1:30. Started the first 2 at about 1:15-1:16, then decided to move the set to Thursday's workout and did some pull and paddles 400's instead. Tonight is biking, not sure what yet so I'll have to check with my coach!

The Coronation Triathlon is coming up next weekend (May 25), it is a pool swim and the pool has been under renovations and closed this year. They are re-opening it just for the race day and then closing it again. Yikes. Hopefully it is swim-able. I am set for a great race nonetheless.

Anyway, gotta get back to work!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bare Bones Duathlon!

Yesterday I raced in my first duathlon ever, the Bare Bones Duathlon in Penticton. It was a crazy day! The race didn't start until 4pm (strange), so I was a little unsure of what to eat during the day. I did an easy 40min run in the morning around 10:30am, and struggled through it. If this was an indication of how I was going to feel in the race later on in the day, then I am in trouble, I thought. My legs felt heavy and sluggish, and they were really sore from the week of training.

I ate lunch around 12pm (PB and J sandwich), then went out to the Bike Barn with Geoff to get my new wheels adjusted to fit my bike. I had tried them out for the first time the day before and they weren't gearing properly. As it turns out, the cassette was the wrong size! My bike is apparently a 9 speed and the Dura Ace cassette was for a 10 speed! Whoops! The guys there were very helpful and I bought a proper sized cassette, and they kindly put it on for me.

Arrived at the race site at about 3pm, got my race number and set up my transition. There was nothing in my transition except my bike! I would be wearing my racing flats and sunglasses, so all I had to do in T1 was put on my helmet and take off my flats and go. I did an ez 10 min bike warm up (and it was very windy out - 38km/hr winds) and then attended the meeting at 3:45pm. They gave us some extra time to warm up after that so I did an ez 10 min jog and was ready to go.

The first 5km was good, I felt a lot better than I thought I was going to, so I just pushed a comfortably hard pace. I kept passing people through the first 5km, which gave me a boost of confidence. The race was a 3 loop format for the 5km, which I really enjoyed because each lap was really short!

On to the bike - I had a super fast transition and jumped onto my bike. My legs were actually shaking a lot and I had a bit of trouble getting into my bike shoes! The entire way out on the bike route was into a huge headwind, so I just hammered and pushed it as hard as I could. I passed so many people! It was a huge change from racing at the front of the race as I do in a triathlon. I was picking people off and leaving them behind. I was a little worried that I was maybe going too hard and wouldn't be able to run the last 5km, but continued at that pace anyway.

Now for the crazy part - just past the halfway point, and on a downhill section, there was one guy a bit ahead of me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a couple of deer running at the right side of the road, when all of a sudden they hopped the fence and cut across the road, in front of the guy ahead of me! It was too close and the guy crashed hard, and was lying at the side of the road. He didn't really move or get up, so I decided to turn around and see if he was okay. He was dazed and hurt quite badly, and couldn't really talk. He had some major road rash on his upper back and had hit his head. Another guy stopped to help as well, and we just kept telling the hurt guy to not move. I watched all of the people that I had worked so hard to pass in the last little while go by. A motorcycle came into sight and then I went on my way, ultimately losing about 3 minutes.

I feel I made the right decision to stop and help, even though it jeopardized my race and my results. However, it was really just a race after all, and I would hope that if it was me crashed at the side of the road, that someone would stop to help me. I am not the person who is going to pass by someone who is potentially seriously hurt, in order to place just a little bit better. Don't get me wrong, I am a highly competitive athlete, but neglecting to help out someone in need goes against my value system and doesn't demonstrate true sportsmanship in triathlon.

What would you have done in a similar circumstance? Take some time to think about it and be honest with yourself. This was not a hugely important race for me at any rate. What if it had been the Worlds or a race where you were competing for a slot to the Kona Ironman? I read a similar story during an Ironman, where someone crashed and was hurt and athletes kept passing by without stopping to help, which is disappointing to hear. Many people came up to me at the end of the race to ask if I was the one who had stopped, and they thought it was really great and amazing that I had done so. One of the people I had worked hard to pass on the bike passed by the scene (and I was never able to catch her again) came up to me afterward and congratulated me. Geoff told me if I had been about 2 minutes faster overall, I would have moved up about 5 places for females. I have no regrets though.

Anyway, after I got back on my bike, there was another very winding downhill section right away. I ended up getting out of control here, and was going too fast for the many turns (I didn't use my brakes this time). I got out of control and ended up crossing the centre line (oops - DQ if an official was around), and onto the shoulder of the oncoming lane! I thought I was going to crash myself, but luckily I regained control and managed to get myself back to where I should be on the right side of the road. The rest of the bike was uneventful. I passed one of the people who had gone by me while I was stopped. It was nice on the way back b/c there was a huge tailwind and I was flying!

The second 5km was surprisingly good! I felt pretty fresh coming off the bike, which I was not expecting at all. I was able to push the pace and go pretty hard, and passed many people during my 3 laps! My time for the second race was equal or perhaps even faster than the first race, which is a great indication of my current fitness. I think the 5km times were 22: something for each one, but results are not up yet. My overall time was 1:47, and I have no idea of my placing (Geoff thought maybe top 10 overall). The important thing was that I felt good and strong during the runs and the bike, even after my biggest training week ever! Including the race, I have put in 19 hours since Sunday and still have more to go today!!

Unfortunately it is pouring rain today so I may not get out on my bike. I might do a run instead, and a swim later on. We are leaving tomorrow so it is back to work on Tuesday!!

Here's me just before the start of the duathlon - it was somewhat chilly at 16C (and very windy), hence the arm warmers.

The start of the first 5km - I am somwhere amongst the crowd.

Me during the first 5km.

There's me during the second 5km race, action shot so it is blurry!

There's me grabbing a drink during the last 5km.

A picture of my trusty bike after the race, as Geoff didn't get any of me during the bike leg! Those flashy wheels are fast after all!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Pictures from today's ride...

The hill below is one I rode up (and then down) during the ride today. I probably shouldn't have been riding on hills like that when I have a race tomorrow, but oh well, it's not like I'm tapering or anything! I chickened out on the way down and started braking, because I got scared!
Can you imagine living here? The lake is right at your fingertips, and great mountain roads for training. Anyone who lives around Penticton (anywhere in B.C. for that matter) certainly has an advantage over us Albertans, as they get to train on these types of hills all the time.

This is the lakefront in Penticton, and the beach on the right is where the Ironman starts.

Biking biking biking

Here is Gucci playing in the front yard yesterday:

This week has definitely been the most biking I have ever done in a week. Today will be my 4th ride since Monday, and I still have to ride in the duathlon tomorrow and ride again Sunday. 6 rides in 7 days!

On Wednesday I had a legs-off day, thankfully, and I only swam. I did a pretty solid workout, 3200m, consisting of 900 w.u., 8x 50 build on :50, 1200m pull continuous with some controlled breathing, and 4 x 100 descend 1-4 (down to 1:15 on the last one), and 300ez. I also did about 20 mins of core exercises later in the day (from the Brain Training for Runners book), and when I woke up on Thursday my hips and glutes were so sore I could barely walk (thanks to the single leg squats).
Biking was tough yesterday, Geoff and I did 80 km (in just under 2hr 45), and everything was sore on me by the time we returned home. Neck, arms, back, hips, ass, you name it! I think the only thing that isn't sore right now are my calves (for once)! We rode out to Oliver again, with a huge headwind on the way back. I checked several times to make sure my brakes weren't rubbing, as I was going so slow! The weather completely sucked yesterday, too, it was cold and rainy at times. I had to wear a vest, arm warmers, and capris due to the coldness. Luckily we didn't really get rained on, as right when we hit Oliver and turned around, there was a huge black cloud looming over to the left. We must have outbiked the cloud though!

I did a 50min easy run yesterday evening, around 6pm. Had some stomach cramps and overall did not feel too great. Hopefully I don't feel like that on Saturday! Today my hips and butt are still really sore, and I have to get out right away for another ez ride. I will ride out to Naramata (maybe past), so the total ride is about 1hr 45 min. I am going to bring the camera today and take some pictures of the spectacular views on that route.

Here's me just before leaving for biking yesterday, with Gucci who blends into the rug:
Right now my whole body is exhausted and sore, and I will be going into the race tomorrow feeling like that. The bike course route is the first part of the ride out to Oliver, so I am pretty familiar with that now. Hopefully I can get the legs moving in a fast manner for the two 5k's tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tough day of training

Another good day of training in the bag. Started with an epic bike ride (I was solo as Geoff opted to go golfing with my dad and brothers), immediately followed by a run, which turned out to be HARD. I thoroughly enjoyed the bike (which is rare because a lot of the time I actually hate biking). I rode out to Naramata and continued on, as the road kept going. It was a lot of climbing, and a very winding road.

I turned around after an hour, and ended up making it back in just over 50 mins (I think there was a bit of a tailwind coming back). The scenery was amazing and I really wish I took my camera along, but I didn't have room for it today. I will definitely try and do this ride again before I go and take some pics of the spectacular views. There were some crazy climbs and even crazier descents, and I actually had to brake during some of them as I was getting going a little fast and wasn't sure where the road was taking me. I got up to about 63km/h but certainly could have been faster if I had let myself go. Not quite that comfortable on the bike just yet as it's early on in the season. Anyway, I really enjoyed myself today and didn't have problems with discomfort in the saddle, thanks to my new Adamo saddle.

The ride was about 50km, and just over 1 hr 50 min, so you can see how much climbing there was during the ride. There were not too many places where I was in the aerobars. Once I got back to the house, I quickly changed and started out on my 55 min run (15 min ez, 40min steady/hard). I felt good but really pushed the pace on the steady tempo. I saw Samantha Warriner running at lightning speed back on the trail (she is a multiple World Cup winner from New Zealand who is here training right now). She is fast! I am pretty sure she is going to be racing the duathlon on Saturday along with Jill Savage (pro Canadian triathlete), so it will be a very fast race!

After my run I nearly collapsed from exhaustion and exertion. Felt better after re-fueling and some good stretching. I am just about to watch 'Into the Wild' and I am on to my 3rd glass of red wine. I could definitely get used to this kind of life!

Will post some pics tomorrow (I guess that means taking some pictures)...

Monday, May 5, 2008


This is now Day 2 in Penticton, so I guess it's time to sit down and write an update and post a couple of pictures. The drive down was long but not too bad, we finally arrived at about 8:30pm on Saturday. The house here is beautiful and very spacious and everyone feels completely at home, especially Gucci!

Yesterday I was up really early (7:30am), and it was already really nice outside. I ate breakfast and then hung out around the house with everyone for a couple hours before starting out for my run (70min). The run included 3 sets of 5min tempo/2.5 min ez; 4 min tempo/2 min ez; 3 min tempo/1.5 min ez. I think I went out a little too hard on the very first 5 min interval, because I really struggled for the rest of the workout. I actually couldn't even finish the last 3 min tempo interval, because I was bonking and had nothing left. At that point, I was completely starving, and should have brought along a gel. I came home and inhaled a whole bunch of food. Tough first workout and not such a stellar performance!

Geoff and I headed to Skaha Lake in the afternoon to see if we could get in an open water swim. We walked into the water, just to the ankle, and walked right out! It was completely freezing, probably about 10 or 11C. It actually felt colder than the ocean when I was in San Francisco, which was 9.6C. No open water swimming during this trip I guess! We rushed over to the pool for a really quick swim (1800m in just over 30 minutes), and then made it back home with about 5 mins to change. For the afternoon, we all visited 3 wineries in Oliver, which was quite fun. Each one had free samples, so I ended up with about 12 different samples of wine at the 3 different wineries. Definitely some good wines! The Jackson-Triggs one was probably the best.
It was so beautiful and warm in Oliver (26C), I don't know how it was that much warmer than Penticton yesterday (22C), as it is only about a 25 min drive. This is a picture of Geoff and Mark (Alice and Dad in the background) heading into the first winery.
This is all of us during the tasting at the first winery. The reds were the best, I bought 2 bottles of Merlot at this first winery. After the 3 wineries we ended up with 8 bottles of wine between 6 people. I'm sure there will be a wine-o night coming up soon!
Donald and Dad at the second winery we visited. Beautiful scenery here!
After the wineries, we went out for dinner. I was so hungry and it seemed like the food took forever! We ate at the restaurant just beside the Resort Casino Hotel, overlooking the water. I was so exhausted last night I went to lie down around 9:30pm and fell asleep! I got ready for bed around 11pm so I certainly got a lot of sleep!
Today I planned for a longer bike ride. Of course there was a gong show with my tires prior to Geoff and I being able to start, though. I brought along a brand new training tire to switch for the old one on my back wheel (which has been ridden all last summer and on the trainer all winter). I started to change it this morning before we started (of course I should have done this b4 I left for the trip), and started putting on the new one. Turns out the new one was too big! It was a 27 and should have been a 23 - wrong size! And the bike shop here in Penticton was closed today! So Geoff started putting my old tire back on, and discovered a bunch of tears and that it was too worn out to ride. So we had to take the race tire off my Zipp wheel and put it on my rear training wheel.
Finally about half an hour behind schedule, we set out. The ride was good, exactly 3 hours (with a couple of stops to make adjustments to Geoff's seat). My computer stopped working about 5 mins into the ride, so all I had was cadence. We rode the route out to Oliver (which is the first part of the IM Canada bike course), I think it was about 43-45 km one way (I saw a sign as we were leaving Oliver for 43km to Penticton). So just under 90 km, not too bad! I felt pretty good, although we had a head wind the entire way back so it was tough.
I have a 3km swim planned for 5:30pm today, and then just relaxing. Tomorrow is a brick with a 2 hour bike and 55 min run. My coach has a lot of biking planned for the week I am here along with lots of swims and runs, I think the total training time for this week is 20 hours. This would be my biggest week ever, so I want to make sure I get everything in. My legs might be toast for the duathlon on Saturday!
I will try and take more pictures and post them. Bye for now!