Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun Fun

Wow, it looks like my updates are getting a little scarce. I feel like I am writing this in every update, but of course things are stupidly busy as usual and I have no time to do anything!

But I got to do something fun for work yesterday - entertaining a few of our customers at the Oilers hockey game! My role is going to be expanding a bit at work and now I am getting to be involved in more marketing. So yesterday after work I took 3 people out for dinner/drinks and to the Oilers v. Canadiens game on the company dime! Fun times!
The hockey game was fun - I hadn't been to a game in about 6 years and the Oilers ended up creaming Montreal, 7-2. It was a late game and didn't start till 8pm, so it was definitely a long day for me but fun! I got home at about 11:15pm which is late for me but I was in bed by 11:45pm! And I got my torture run interval workout done early before work so I didn't miss a workout.

However, I did opt out of my ez 40 min run today after work, figuring I was better served by resting instead due to how tired I was/am feeling. I will swim tonight after coaching and then get up at 6:15am tomorrow to fit the ez run in.

I can't wait for the week to be over - on Saturday Geoff and I are flying to Vancouver, and he will be racing the First Half (1/2 marathon) on Sunday morning. I am very glad I will be a cheering spectator and not a racer, as I am not quite ready for a half right now. But hopefully in 2 weeks I will feel ready as I am racing the Hypothermic Half in Edmonton on March 1! In Vancouver, we might get to meet up with my coach (Mark Bates) as he lives there. It will be a short little visit in Van, as we will hop the ferry to Victoria on Sunday afternoon and then spend 2 nights in Victoria staying with my good friend Jadeen. Monday is a holiday from work and I am missing Tuesday so 4-day weekend!!


Jen said...

There are not enough hours in a day to keep up with this Blogger stuff, are there?
Good luck to Geoff! Have fun!

Eileen Swanson said...

Sweet, have so much fun on your mini vacation and good luck to Geoff!