Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Organized Chaos

Just returned from a fun little weekend in Vancouver and Victoria! We were lucky with beautiful weather in both cities - sunny skies and temperatures of about 6C. Geoff endured some disappointment in the half marathon as he was plagued with severe stomach cramping leading to muscle spasms after 3 miles. He was on his goal pace for a 1:14 through 5k (17:28), but then began to experience those issues which forced him to later drop out of the race. He was quite disappointed but this is an early season race and certainly not a key one! It was probably not the best idea to fly into Vancouver the evening before the race and then to eat a large fattening meal at Whitespot around 8pm that likely did not get digested properly!

The very start of the race in downtown Vancouver (you can spot Geoff wearing my turquoise arm warmers):

I went for a nice little run along the seawall while the race was going on. It was great to run on clear pavement and wearing capri tights and no toque! One of the views of the condo buildings overlooking the water in the background during my scenic run:

We took the ferry over to Victoria on Sunday afternoon. Jadeen lives there with her new (and very young) family. We stayed for 2 nights and had a good visit.

Geoff and I on the ferry ride to Victoria - looks beautiful but the wind was actually a little bit chilly!

Baby Chase - 2 months old:

More baby Chase:

Me lounging around on the couch, probably with some junk food nearby:

Jadeen and Avery (nearly 1.5 years old):

Add Image Geoff playing with Avery:

Avery and his dad Greg:
Baby Chase in his cute little seat:

Avery having some breaky (or maybe lunch?):

And of course I had to include a picture of mine and Geoff's baby:

It was a fun time with the kids but also very exhausting! Although very adorable, the baby needs constant 24 hour care and attention so there is little time for much else. Avery is really fun as he is now walking and babbling away and he likes to play!

I am glad to be home and getting back into my busy routine with work and training, and playing with Hugo. I plan to make a conscious effort to fit in all of my training and scheduled workouts as the wheels have fallen off a bit due to me being quite overwhelmed with the volume of work I have been faced with recently. I have been getting some good running in but my biking has been severely neglected, with me getting on the trainer only once a week for about the past month. I hope to increase the frequency to 3 rides per week, which is what I was doing at this time last year and probably why I saw such a huge improvement in my cycling during race season. Also, I should probably decrease my 5 runs to 4 after the half marathon as this is not sustainable with how much I am working.

This morning was another killer treadmill session (50 mins, including 6 x 3min @ 10k pace/90 sec ez b/w, plus 4 x 1min all out/1 min ez b/w). My coach actually prescribed me 8 x 3min and 5 x 1 min but the reality was that I could not get through the whole thing as I truly felt like I was going to die this morning.

I hoped to drop in on Extreme Functional Fitness tonight but I have oodles of reports to write for or assessments I completed last week, which is what I should really be doing at this moment. So I better get to it!

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