Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This winter is relentless and endless

Yesterday was not a good day at work, but it was my own fault. Shortly after I arrived, I managed to spill coffee all over the keyboard of my laptop, rendering it useless. The timing couldn't have been worse with how busy I am right now. So I had to ship the system to head office for repairs, and in the meantime I am set up on the desktop computer at reception (which is currently not in use because we have no admin support right now!). The new system is supposed to arrive on Monday.

The one good thing about this event is that I cannot take my work home with me until my new laptop arrives! On second thought, this may not be a good thing as I will fall more behind without the extra time to work on reports at home. OH WELL!

Spring here seems farther away than ever. A huge snowstorm rolled in this week bringing frigid temperatures and windchill. The roads which had been dry and completely clear of snow and ice are now a treacherous mess, making my drive to and from work a living hell. Maybe this cold snap will soon be over and spring will arrive shortly! Here's hoping. I have many things to look forward to in March/April, though, including a weekend trip to San Francisco on March 12 to visit my good friend Stephen! I can't wait! In April another trip awaits - this time to Arizona with Geoff and his family (and Stephen is coming too!) for 10 days for some good training and of course relaxing in the heat!

I am registered for the Hypothermic half marathon this Sunday but at this point am undecided if I will run. If the weather is like this - it's a definite no. I had my fill of horrible weather races last year and they are anything but fun and enjoyable. I would like to race a half right now to see what I can go as my run training has been going well, but I don't want to run it on messy, icy, snow covered roads and in windchill. Stay tuned to see what happens...

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