Saturday, February 28, 2009

A weekend without work

It is so nice not to have to take my work home with me this weekend. I feel like I have all this extra time. Next weekend will be another story as my laptop will be fixed by Monday and I will have many reports to work on.

Enough about work! This morning I had a good swim workout with the group I coach, nothing fast but a bunch of IM stuff. This afternoon I did a brick, with an hour bike and then a 35 min run outside off the bike. The first half of my run was great and I felt awesome. But when I turned around, I realized that the wind had been at my back and it was in my face the whole way back! Brrrr! The windchill was -19 so I froze.

I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday when I picked up my race package for the half marathon. My old shoes are super worn out and I realize now that they are probably the source of the aches and pains I have been experiencing lately. I wore the new shoes in today's run and they are awesome! They look pretty sweet, too!

I am going to break all the rules and wear my new shoes in my half marathon tomorrow. It's not like I haven't worn this kind before, I used to wear Air Pegasus before I changed to the Max Moto a few years ago. So they should be okay tomorrow (I hope!). I am going to just go out there and run the race as best I can, at the very least it will be good long run (my longest run this year actually!). The low overnight is supposed to be chilly (-24C) but I will suck it up and get out there to run! I will let you know how it goes!


Jen said...

okay, how adorable is that pic of your shoes and your doggy eating the string!?!?
Good luck on your race. Hope the shoes bring good luck.

Amber Dawn said...

haha, Hugo likes them too!
I break that rule before pretty much every marathon. It has never caused me problems.
I love those shoes btw- so cute!
RUN FAST! have fun and stay warm :-)

Eileen Swanson said...

Love the pic with your pup and your super cute shoes ;-)) Best wishes for an awesome race!

Leslie said...

Sweeeet shoes! Looking forward to the race report!