Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 weeks till AZ!

In less than 2 weeks I will be on my way south to Arizona for 10 days for some good training in the hot sun, with Geoff and his family. I am super excited for biking outside, running in shorts and tank top, and swimming outside. It will be the first time taking my brand new bike outside on the roads, which will be awesome! After a BIG week of training, we are going to head south across the border for the first triathlon of the year in Mexico on April 18!! Should be a fun and exciting race with an ocean swim and some hot temperatures for the run! The week leading up will also be filled with relaxing, eating, and shopping at the outlets! I am going to try and bring as few clothes as I can so I can fit all my new purchases in my suitcase coming home!

I am getting more motivated for training now that the race season is underway around the globe. It is exciting to see the results of the big races and see how well people are doing. Then I get excited about my upcoming races and get more motivated to do more training for them! Speaking of which, I am just about to head out the door for a 1hr 45min run. It has been very tough to run around here lately with all the ice, slush, and uneven ground so i will have to be careful. I have done quite a bit of running on the tready lately but I am so sick of it so I am going to avoid it wherever possible!

Yesterday morning I had an awesome swim workout, 2600m total, with the main set being 2 x {8x25, 4x50, 2x100, 1x200, all 1 fast, 1ez. I felt strong and I am definitely getting some speed back, my 100's were 1:14-15, and the 200's were 2:35 and 2:34 which I was happy with. I actually swam 4x this week which definitely helps boost the fitness. After my run and a 60 min bike later on today, it has been a great week of training for me!


Darin Hunter said...

woo hoo! sounds so so so fun! Enjoy the sun and your new wheels! What race are you doing?

Darin Hunter said...

oops I am signed in as my hubby! It's Amber :-)