Monday, March 2, 2009

The Hypo Half, or OUCH

The race was a toughie yesterday, and did not result in a PR. Perhaps it was the lack of long runs (my longest was 90min and 10 miles), or having done a lot of the long runs on the tready, and not the packed snow/ice that was the race course. Who knows? At any rate it was a really hard long workout which will be beneficial for later!

I was 3 mins slower than my time from last year, which was a 1:45. I had no expectations going in, so how can you be disappointed if you have no expectations? While I'm not gonna lie and say I am happy with it, but I am certainly not going to be disappointed, either. As Geoff said, "It's better to be fast later in the season than right now", which is completely true! I am still building building building and have a lot more work to do!

The race was still fun overall. It was cold out but I felt pretty comfortable with what I was wearing. I went at a controlled pace. Unfortunately, with about 5-6km to go, both my calves seized up and tightened into huge knots, making each step a painful experience. I pressed on, not stopping or walking at all. I was definitely glad to be finished when I hit the finish line! The positive thing was that my endurance/stamina felt great and I could have kept going for another 5km at the finish line, if my legs had held up. So cardiovascular-wise, it was great, which is encouraging!

Today I am hobbling around as my calves are ridiculously sore! Since I can't flex my feet or lift my heels off the ground, my walk has turned into a shuffle. If you ask me to do a calf raise I will most likely have you arrested. I am going to attempt to bike tonight in hopes that I can loosen up my legs.

There is lots to look forward to as next weekend I am in San Fran and a few weeks after that is a trip to Arizona and a race in Mexico! Bring on the warm weather!


Stephen said...

Warm weather would be great. Unfortunately, it has been raining here for like 3 months now (SF). Hopefully it will clear for your trip here!!!

Lisa said...

Lisa--stretch those calves! That happens to me when I run in the cold!! Keep the training up, even though it sucks in the winter, just think how mentally tough you'll be when spring comes around!! Or if you can't take it any longer, you can join me in Hawaii :)