Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm in San Francisco!

It seems like it has been too long since I last posted anything and that is because I have no time these days to write or read blogs! Hopefully one of these days I can get caught up on what everyone is doing. The overwhelming amount of work I have looming over me is to blame.

This morning I worked a couple hours and then hopped on a plane to San Francisco to visit Stephen for the weekend! It is such a beautiful city and a nice change to see absolutely no snow! Right now we are making some dinner and in the process of deciding if we are going to head to the university pool for a swim. I guess we'll soon see! The decision might be tough as we bought some red wine and chips with our groceries!

Something funny happened after I got off the plane - while heading to the baggage claim I stopped and grabbed a sandwich at the food court which was right on the way, as I was completely starving (Air Canada didn't even give us a snack on the flight). I scarfed down half the sandwich, then made my way over to the baggage claim area. Couldn't find Edmonton arrival on the screen so I asked the lady at the counter and she told me carousel 4, which was stopped. It turns out the entire flight's baggage had already come out and the unclaimed bags had been removed even before I arrived! I eventually found my bag sitting with some other lonely looking bags on a shelf. I didn't think I had taken that long to get the sandwich - and apparently they are pretty efficient with the baggage claim in this airport!

More updates and pictures soon to come about my adventures in San Fran! Tomorrow we are planning to try a swim at Lake Anza (where Stephen has a race next weekend), and hopefully it won't be too chilly!

Here are some pictures from the shenanigans of last weekend (and yes there were more than a few beverages involved!):

My little brother Mark:

Alice's friend Crystal striking a pose: Alice and I in her apartment:
My good buddy Bonnie and I enjoying our night out!

Later on during the night with Bonnie and her brother Robert before things got really ugly:

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