Sunday, March 22, 2009

Love to hurt

Because it looked like this outside this morning,

I opted for an indoor session on the tready (80 mins). I actually felt great during my run, and did a negative split run, so after 40mins I kept increasing the pace. I watched the last hour of Freaky Friday (I know, how dorkish), and then there was really nothing else good on after that. Typically after about 50-60 mins on the treadmill, I start to get really bored and keep checking the time to see how much is left. My general thoughts keep switching to "I want to get off this damn thing right freaking now!"

The power of music is very significant, and in cases like these the right tunes can have a profound effect on your mental state during a hard workout. I decided to turn the t.v. to mute, and then put on the Ipod. It is amazing how listening to certain upbeat music can make you forget about the time and about how you are feeling. I turned up the volume on the tunes and simultaneously kept turning up the speed as well! It made my negative thoughts about how tough it was disappear (maybe the music was so loud it drowned out all my thoughts?). I forgot about how much it hurt and about how long I had left to go. I added a half mile per hour to the speed for the last 5 mins and it didn't even really seem that hard! What a great workout!

Some of the choice songs today that made me kick my run into higher gear and change my attitude for the better:

  • Flypaper (K-OS)
  • Honest Mistake (The Bravery)
  • Gamma Ray (Beck)
  • Just Dance (Jamiroquai) - make sure you turn up the volume on the chorus!
  • What is Love (Haddaway) - cheesy I know but it does the trick
  • Cry for You (Various Artists mix)
  • Sorry (Madonna - Paul Oakenfold remix)
  • A-Punk (Vampire Weekend)

This was all I needed today as I only had about 30mins left when I put on the headphones.

My workouts yesterday were awesome: a swim in the morning, about 2400m, with some fast 50's on descending rest, finished with 4 x 50 on :40, last one was a :35. Then 1 x 50 all out - I went :33 from a push. I did a brick workout late in the afternoon, which included 75 min bike with race pace intervals, then a 30 min run off the bike, building the pace. I felt great!

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