Thursday, March 5, 2009

New look

Yesterday I actually had some time to make some changes to my blog layout (as I made the executive decision to take the day off training after working until 7:15pm), which unfortunately resulted in all of my pictures getting deleted! So I have found some new pictures for my page to change things up!

Today my legs are finally starting to feel normal again, and I am not limping around anymore. As a result, I have not been able to run since the race. Likely I won't do a run until Saturday. Definitely did some damage to my calves this time around! Thankfully, the muscles are healing well with a good stretching and icing regimen (actually I only iced them once but they seemed to improve significantly after this one time!).

Nothing much exciting going on here. I am looking forward to the weekend and hopefully some warmer weather will be on its way! We had a storm overnight with strong winds, lots of snow, and snow drifts everywhere. After getting a taste of spring yesterday with warm temperatures of 5C and lots of melting occurring, this is sad to see!!!


Jen said...

I like the new look.
I hear you, I am sooo ready for the weekend.

Leslie said...

I like the new blog look! That sucks about your calves, you worked them over hard!