Friday, March 20, 2009

No time for an update

I feel like I have been neglecting the land of blogs recently, and not by choice. Things are so busy with work that I have not had time to even go on the internet this week. I thought I would sneak in a quick post while I have about 5 mins to spare on a Friday night, in between working on 1 of the 4-5 reports I am now behind on at work! Another reason I can tell I am swamped right now is that my training log journal has been sitting untouched for the past 2 weeks. I better get on that!!

Training has been somewhat consistent but by no means has there been a lot of volume! I am getting in regular workouts, but nothing long or super-hard right now. Basically I am just maintaining right now, and most likely not making any huge fitness gains. I am feeling pretty good in the water and just need to do a couple of killer sessions to get back on track to where I need to be. After that COLD ocean water on Sunday, I certainly could not complain about the pool temperature during my Tues/Thurs swims this week! Biking is going well - I feel like I have finally gotten myself into a comfortable position which is also somewhat aero, through a long process of trial and error and many many adjustments. Although the process was long, it was definitely cheap as I didn't have to pay a professional bike fitter for it!!

I am off to Grande Prairie late Sunday night to perform an assessment there on Monday, and thank goodness I am flying! I don't think I could face a 5 hour drive (one way) right now, especially b/c the highways can be hit and miss this time of year, and snow is forecast for tomorrow. Hopefully I can squeeze in a swim while I am there, maybe a run, too!
Anyway, gotta get back to my work (yawn). I would rather be where Hugo is - he's got the right idea!


Jen said...

Does Hugo need a fat sleepy girlfriend with a flat face who snores really loud? :)
I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day...we are simply too busy!

Amber Dawn said...

I can't believe you were in GP and I missed you! I haven't been blogging or reading blogs enough apparently- look what happens!
If you are ever back up here, email me seesally at gmail dot com