Sunday, April 12, 2009

It rains in Arizona?

It started raining on Thursday night and then it rained continuously all day yesterday, which is very uncommon for this area. It's the desert!! I think the temperature was actually quite similar to what we left in Edmonton (55 or something?)!! We fit in an early swim in the outdoor pool and nixed the 100km bike ride idea. The rain stopped later on, so Deborah and I jumped on the opportunity to get out for a little 95min ride around 4:30pm. Except the roads were still soaking wet so my brand new bike is now filthy! The first time it gets outside it had to be raining that day. Deborah and I did some shopping yesterday (okay, lots of shopping!) while Geoff and his dad went to see a Diamondbacks game (baseball). I bought a bunch of clothes and found some really good deals.

We awoke today to typical Arizona weather - blue skies, sunshine, and the high is about 80F. Now that's more like it! I am just about to head out for a long run in the sun (about 1:45) in shorts and a tank top, and of course sunscreen and sunglasses! Nothing major planned for the rest of the day, maybe we'll get out on our bikes and/or go to the pool again for a swim workout. Tomorrow morning will be a long group ride (100km) with some of the locals here that Deborah rides with. Should be fun! And the high tomorrow is 87F!! Bring on the heat!

I will try and put up some pics later on (actually I will first have to take some pictures!! Gotta get camera happy!), and more regular updates.

An update on Hugo - he is completely back to his normal crazy self, going out on his 2 walks a day, eating up a storm, and chasing everything. My brother Mark is baby-sitting Hugo while we are away, and my sister Alice will also be staying for a few days to take care of him. Hugo loves his Mark and Alice!

Anyway, off for a long run!

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