Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mexican Rocky Point Tri

The trip to Mexico was really fun and the race was also fun. Interesting, but fun. It was pretty hot out and very sunny at 84F. The water was completely beautiful and really there was no need for a wetsuit at 73F, but since everyone else wore one I did as well. The race was very low key and fun seemed to be the main object. There was some disorganization of the run course with nobody doing the correct distance and I ended up making a very silly error which cost me first place overall (I ended up 3rd overall). I am kicking myself a bit now but honestly it doesn't really matter in the main scheme of things. The important thing was that I had fun and it was a very hard workout!

My swim went well and it was pretty calm with not many waves. The mens' wave left 4 minutes before ours so I caught up to a lot of that wave but there was a lot of room to pass. I was out first and there was a long beach run, part of it uphill, to the transition area, which took a lot out of you. I didn't time my swim but the results show 20:57, including the run to transition. To foreshadow for you a bit - someone actually protested my swim time as it was 3 mins faster than the next woman! WTF!

The bike portion was good, it was 3 laps with a little hill in each lap and many turns and technical sections. I felt pretty strong and went as hard as I could. I was first off the bike and had a quick transition onto the very hot and very disorganized run course! I struggled on that run and it turned out to be a very hilly route through the golf course, which I was not expecting. I followed the route and found myself running toward the transition area at about 31 mins, when there would have been about 0.5km left to the finish line. I had not been passed by a single woman at this point. I thought that the race course could not possibly be this short, and I thought I was going to be DQ'd if I continued on to the finish line, so I asked a few people where the 10km race goes, and they told me I should have turned left back somewhere, so I turned around and ran all the way back to the first aid station. Nobody there knew what was going on, and some guy told me just to run back, so I turned around and ran all the way back to where I had just been, adding about 7 minutes on to my time!! I just kept going and ran to the finish line, very confused and a little angry that I had just run the extra out and back for nothing.

It turns out that the run course was marked improperly and everyone's times were very short. It turned out to be 7km or something silly like that. ARRGGHH!! I am angry that I turned around, thinking I had missed a section, but it seemed ludicrous to me to be nearly done when the time on my watch was like 31 mins or something! It also turns out that in my little course detour, 2 women finished ahead of me! It is frustrating as I never actually got passed by any women in the entire race, but I ended up 3rd. Another VERY frustrating and insulting thing happened during the awards, when I got called up to talk to the RD in the background about my times. I initially thought they were going to talk to me about the run times, but was very shocked when they questioned my swim time as it was nearly 3 mins faster than the next woman and there were reports of other Olympic distance athletes cutting into the sprint swim course! Excuse me? I felt it was inappropriate and unprofessional to be questioned about this, but it turns out someone had actually protested about my swim time being that fast and so the RD had to check it out. OH WELL, I know that I would have won the race had i just continued on to the finish with a ridiculously short run time! Silly mistake!

Anyway, the resort was beautiful, the water was amazing, and it was a fun trip overall. I am happy with the result (not my placing), as it came at the end of a nearly 20 hour training week! So I have to be happy with that!

I forgot to bring a race belt so Deborah kindly offered me her pajama bottom string, which ended up working very well and just happened to match my race uniform!

The water was very shallow so I swam as far as I possibly could, with my hands hitting the bottom, to avoid having to run through the water!

The last 400 metres or so were on soft sand and it was super hard to run on!

Shots of tequila were offered to the top 3 winners - cool but I am not a tequila drinker at all! Luckily it was a very small amount in the shot glass so I didn't hurl.
Deborah won her age category (50-54) . Here she is enjoying her tequila shot! Deborah's son Andrew finished 5th in the 20-24 category in his second or third triathlon ever with virtually no bike training!

Driving through the border town there were many sights to see and I couldn't resist taking a picture of a drug store, where apparently you can get pretty much anything you want without a prescription.

We kept seeing these weird sandstorms during the drive there, and one of them was forceful enough to knock off the lid on someone's roof rack carrier, throwing some of their luggage to the middle of the highway!

The water looks so beautiful and is also amazing to swim in. I did a couple of swims with Stephen and Geoff and there was no need for a wetsuit. In the race, there were no rules regarding wetsuits so everyone wore one, me included.

Stephen and I with our prizes - they had really cool and interesting awards compared to the typical medals you get. Stephen won his age group in the sprint (30-34) and finished 2nd overall in the sprint race!

On the way home we were stopped at the border for 2 whole hours, waiting in a long line of cars. There were many townsfolk preying on the line of stopped vehicles, peddling their goods.

I bought these little knick knacks as I wanted to help the people out. The little piggies are actually salt and pepper shakers!


Leslie said...

Congrats on the good about the turn around. I would be soooo mad! I never get the short courses...they always tend to be longer :(

Enjoy the rest of your trip, the cold and wind will be waiting for your return!

Amber Dawn said...

Nice race Lisa! You had a great result and got an even longer training session in! LOL
Nice pics too, it would sure be nice to be there right now! Forecast is for snow this week, you may want to extend your trip...