Monday, April 13, 2009

Ride to Verrado (and back)

The sky looked pretty ominous on Saturday - it was the worst weather ever seen in April here!

Deborah has been cooking up wonderful food for all of us and there are always leftovers in the fridge!

Just before our 10.6 mile run yesterday - notice the bright blue sky in the background!

Post-run, we are all shiny and happy to be done our workout! We went swimming pretty much right after, an easy 2km in the outdoor pool.

The view from Kendall's parent's house - overlooking the golf course. If you look really closely you can see the mountains in the far background.

While Geoff went for a swim later in the day, I lounged in my bikini and sunbathed, making myself useful by taking some pictures and video of Geoff swimming.

His technique looks pretty good - I better watch out!

There are thousands of little bunnies everywhere, especially in the golf courses. They just continually multiply!

Everyone around here owns a golf cart and we cruise around in it when going to the pool. Here is Geoff while parked at Blockbuster.

The aftermath yesterday evening - apparently I do not know how to apply sunscreen. Notice the big white strip and then the red on either side!

We just got back from a nearly 4 hour brick, with just under 100km of biking and a 30min run off the bike. I had an awesome workout and actually felt pretty good on the run! It was super hot by the run (around 27-28C) and I started getting a headache near the end, probably due to a bit of dehydration. My bike feels great and I am now pretty used to the time trial bike. I feel very comfortable on it and notice the biggest difference between it and my old bike when I go up a hill!
Our race is on Saturday at the beautiful Rocky Point resort in Mexico. We are driving there on Friday and staying till Sunday. Stephen is going to be driving from San Francisco and should arrive here in Arizona on Wed. or Thurs. and will be coming to Mexico with us! The start/finish is right on the beach and there is a party after with all-you-can-drink Corona's! The race will be super-fun and will be the first triathlon of the year. After this big week of training, my main goal is to HAVE FUN!

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