Monday, April 27, 2009


It was a great weekend of training for me - 6 hours in the bag (7 hours if you count my weights session yesterday). All of my workouts, with the exception of my Saturday morning swim, turned out amazing. My swim on Sat. a.m. was anything but, as I felt very fatigued overall and was so hungry I was close to bonking. It turns out that eating just a banana before swimming in the morning just doesn't cut it for calories! Saturday afternoon I did a 3 hour brick (bike 2:15 inside, run 45 min outside). The bike was a bit tedious but I had a fantastic run and felt fast and smooth!

Sunday morning I did a long 2 hour run with Larry, who is faster than me and is keeping me honest! We ran at a good clip, completing about 14 miles in the 2 hours, which turned out to be a walk in the park for Larry! My legs felt pretty good until nearly the end, when they started to become stiff and sore. The workout was a major challenge and I really pushed myself through it. It is important to continually raise the bar, not only in racing but in training every day. This run took a lot out of me and I feel a sense of accomplishment over the weekend's training.

After the run all I could do for most of the afternoon was lie on the couch with my compression calf sleeves on trying to recover my battered legs with Hugo on my lap, watching television. I managed to get to the gym with Mark to do a weights session in the evening (just upper body and core) after dinner at my Dad's.

I watched "Into the Wild" while crashing/recovering on the couch yesterday. This is a great movie. It is one of those movies that encourages you to think about what is really important in life. I always seem to feel bad about all that I have when watching movies such as this. It highlights the fact that possessions are trivial and we are living in a material world (and I am a material girl - just joking). We are all guilty of this in the sport of triathlon with our expensive gear, paying for ridiculously priced races, and having to have the latest gadgets and top of the line equipment. Our lives are meticulously planned, perpetually scheduled, and over-analyzed, and sometimes (all the time?) we forget to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and what's really important. Possessions are just "stuff". I need to remind myself more often about what "having it all" really means to me: Health and Happiness of those dear to me. That is what is most important, not how much money you make, the type of bike or car you have, or what your house looks like.

The best things in life aren't things...

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