Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stranded in the desert

On Monday morning, our last day in Arizona, Stephen and I headed out on our own for a long ride (planned for about 4 hours). Geoff decided not to go with us and did a shorter ride on his own, as he was still getting over the chest cold. Stephen and I left at about 8am, and it was already pretty hot out. The high on Monday was 97F!

We started off well, and stopped for a quick picture after about an hour.

After about 2 hours, Stephen ended up getting a flat tire! He rode over some type of prickly thorn, which ended up not only puncturing his tube, but his tire as well.

He made a quick change, he started filling up the tire with CO2, and after only a couple seconds, BANG! The entire tube shredded and blew to pieces. It was so loud, it sounded like a gunshot.

Unfortunately, Stephen was riding his 404's, which require a longer stem or valve adapter, and that was Stephen's only such tube. I had a spare tube, and Stephen also had another spare tube, but they were the regular stem length and were not compatible with the valve adapter.
So we were stuck out on the desert highway in the searing heat! We had to call someone to come and pick us up. Nobody answered! We left a voicemail and kept calling, and were finally able to get through after about 15 mins.

We decided to make good use of our time waiting on the side of the highway by taking some very useful pictures.
I realize now that this might look otherwise, but all I am doing here is crouching.

Our rescuer has arrived! Geoff saved the day by driving out 30+km to pick us up. Since we still had time before we had to leave for the airport, we headed to the pool and did an easy 2km swim.

I am back home now and back to the daily grind. The weather here sucks right now (high 9C today), and is supposed to stay crappy for a bit. I have some long workouts planned for this weekend, so hopefully it is nice enough to ride outside!
Not sure what my next race will be. I am thinking about the U of A sprint triathlon on May 3.

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