Friday, April 24, 2009

Why does it have to be so cold here?

It has been quite a shock to the system to go from 36C on Monday to a high of 1C today and yesterday. I hope the warm weather returns, ASAP! It actually snowed a bit last night! Luckily there is only a light dusting of snow on the ground and not a huge dump like Calgary received! Haha! I went from training in tank top, shorts, and visor in Arizona, to tights/vest/toque! Actually yesterday I wimped out and ran on the treadmill as I seem to have become a fairweather runner. But I had a good run and felt like my fitness was good. I focused on quick leg turnover (about 93-94 rpm) the whole 50 mins and imagined I was running like a super fast elite runner (even though I was not even close)! My legs did become a little sore and I keep getting this weird numb feeling on the bottom of my right foot a lot when I run. I am not sure exactly what this is but I hope to discover the cause soon so I can prevent it from occurring.

At the pool yesterday there was an "incident" while I was coaching. In the fitness pool some poor soul apparently had the 'runs' while in the pool so they had to clear out that entire pool while they "disinfected" it. Our pool was not affected by this rather unfortunate turn of events so the practice proceeded without disruption. I did my own swim after (2400m), mostly easy stuff as I felt too wiped out to swim anything fast.
Also yesterday I had a near-freak out situation at work when opening a container of sliced peaches at my desk. These containers are filled to the BRIM with syrop. I ripped off the lid and somehow managed to spill a bunch of the liquid on and near my laptop. Not wanting to wreck another computer, I sopped up the excess with the edges of napkins wedged between the keys and turned off the system right away. It must have dried okay as it is functioning normally. PHEW! Disaster averted. Technically, I could blame this on my company as I am forced to eat lunch at my desk everyday and work through my lunch as we are so busy! Hopefully Geoff is not reading right now as he is always telling me to BE CAREFUL when eating/drinking around laptops and he will say I told you so!

I am still working on my race schedule for May. There are a couple of possible races I can do that month: U of A sprint tri on May 10, Coronation tri on May 24, or a 10km running race. Not sure yet which one it will be. I am definitely racing the Oliver Half Iron on June 7 in BC, and then the Great White North Half iron on July 5, which will be a key race. The schedule is a bit up in the air for August races, but I do plan on racing the Soma Half iron in October again.

Here is my plan for the weekend:

-swim on Saturday morning with the group I coach (Geoff coaches and I swim on Saturdays). Nice to be able to have social interaction on occasion when I swim as all my other swims are done solo!
-long brick on Saturday with a 2.5 hour bike (I will be stuck on the trainer as the high on Sat. is 6C - blah), followed by a 45 min run.
-Sunday is a long run of 1hr 50 to 2 hours. Hopefully it is not too chilly but I will have some company as Larry from swimming is going to run with me!
-some quality time hanging out with Geoff and the Hugo-monster! I also have some catching up to do with friends (you know who you are - Bonnie!) which will happen in due time!


Jen said...

Look at Hugo!!!! Is he feeling all better now? :)

Lisa G said...

Hugo is all better now and back to it!