Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's always better on the way back

The exception to this motto was the Mother's Day 10km race today. All I can say is BRUTAL! There were a lot of downhills in the first 5km. I made my silly typical error of going out too hard and paying for it! I need to learn to hold myself back at the beginning when everyone is flying away and I try and keep up, to no avail. First mile was probably under 7mins. 5km split was about 22:03. Then came the hills...
There was one big uphill at about 2.5 miles or so, but the bulk of the uphills were in the second half. Ouch! I was one hurtin' unit during that race. It was quite painful. I'm not sure why, but most of the time in running races (and triathlons for that matter), I get these really sharp, stabbing cramps/stitches situated in my upper ribs and in my upper trapezius muscles, and they always interfere with my performance. My pace slows, and it is super hard to get a deep breath in, so my breathing becomes quite labored. I'm not exactly sure what the scientific explanation is behind this, but I am thinking it might have something to do with salt depletion. Today it was sunny, but the temp during the race was probably only about 10-12C. Sweat was just pouring off my face, and I was wearing shorts and a tank.

My second 5km was much slower than the first and it was all I could do not to walk up the last couple hills! Everything seems to just burn when you're slogging up a steep hill. I wanted to give up and just start walking up them but I somehow was able to dig deeper and find that extra ounce of motivation and strength to avoid doing this. I finished in 47.16 (10th place/83 in the 20-29 age group), which is certainly not a PB but I'll take it today!

There were many positives about this gruelling race - even though I was struggling after the first couple miles, my legs actually felt pretty great. Surprising, considering the following: I did not have a day off of training this week; I had a 4-hr training day yesterday, consisting of a 2800m swim, and 3 hours on the bike; and I have not done a whole lot of interval/speed training. So it is really not too bad of a result at the end of a 12 hour training week! Next up is the Oliver Half iron on June 7.

Geoff had an awesome first race back and ran 37.10 or something, for 9th place overall. A few minutes off his best, but with no speed work or hill training, that is a good result for him and he was happy about how it turned out. Without the hills, I think we all would have been at least 2 mins faster! My sister Alice had a great race too and finished with a 51-something. It was a fun event with a lot of us from St. Albert there.

The day did not stop there, as Geoff, Larry and I went out for a 1hr 40 bike (50km) in the afternoon down Villeneuve Road. The crosswinds were out in full force today and this zapped what was left in my legs. It was slow going out but there were some good tailwinds coming back, which always makes you feel like a superstar.

Just before the bike workout, I took Hugo for a little walk and unintentionally ended up doing a little 15-20 min jog as we got lost! I'm not sure how you can get lost in St. AlbertAdd Image after having lived here for 10 years, but today I proved that it's possible! We ended up out there for about 45mins and Hugo certainly enjoyed it! He has begun to run just this week with Geoff (for short 20 min runs) and he absolutely loves it! He has an endless supply of energy and this is a good way to try and burn off some of it. Oh yeah, and Hugo turned 1 yesterday! Happy birthday to him!

Hugo and his best bud Gucci

Relaxing in the sun:


Jenna said...

about the cramps... someone told me that her coach told her to put half a nuun tab under her tongue and it would make the cramps go away?? I do not cramp that often (usually off the bike and onto the run from not breathing deeply) but this girl says it works. I can not imagine putting a nuun tab under my tongue and not having my eyes water...but it may be worth a try??

Eileen Swanson said...

Ok, that pic of Hugo and Gucci is way too cute....