Monday, June 15, 2009

97km of solitude and a 2 hour run in the hot hot sun

This past weekend was a HOT weekend of training (and I mean temperature-wise). Highs of 28C each day and nothing but sun!! Saturday was an early morning swim with my group, during which I felt so fatigued and energy-depleted. After re-fueling, relaxing, and a bit of house-cleaning with Geoff, I headed out on a solo bike ride at about 2pm. I hadn't gotten organized ahead of time in order to gather up any other potential riders so I was on my own!

The ride was good but tough. I only have room for 2 water bottles on my bike (one aero-sip and one cage on the frame) so I rode out 35km to Bon Accord and stopped at the Husky to buy a bottle of gatorade. Then I turned around and found a different isolated highway on which to do an out and back section.

After about 60km of riding I became soooo incredibly thirsty and a bit grouchy. I was craving COLD water and nothing else - same thing that happened in the race last weekend. I have come to the conclusion that these sickly sweet sports drinks and the salt tablets, although full of electrolytes and such, cause crazy thirst-cravings!

I had put my I-pod in my back pocket but hadn't used it thus far so out it came and I had music for the remainder of my journey. After about 65km, I remembered that there was a little independent gas station on the road near the Garrison, which was very easy to get to. I made a quick stop there, which was about 80km into my ride. I bought a very large ICE-COLD water and a freeze!! These things have never tasted so good! The freeze was done within moments and after downing several large gulps of the water, I filled up one of my water bottles and was on my way.

It turns out I added the distance wrong on the out and back section because I had planned to do a 90km ride but by the time I made it home it was actually 97km! 3hr 5min of riding and I was done and done!

Sunday morning Geoff and I were up at 6:45am to volunteer for the annual Kids of Steel triathlon in St. Albert. It is always a lot of fun and the kids are adorable, some of the 7 and unders even wear lifejackets for their 50m swim! We made it back home by 11am and then a few hours later (after some food and a 30min nap), I set off for my LONG run in the blazing heat. It was quite a challenge! I became so hot and so thirsty and managed to find a water stop after 80mins to fill one of my fuel belt bottles and to down some water in an attempt to quell my ever-increasing thirst. I ran out of water with about 20mins to go and considered asking a lady hosing her front garden if I could have some of that water. But instead I slogged on and had to throw in a walk break before the end! When I arrived home I was sweating so profusely that I had to stick my head in the freezer to cool off for a couple minutes! Geoff kindly asked me to please refrain from doing that so I obliged and used an ice pack instead.

I found some pictures from the Oliver race (courtesy of ASI Photography) but they are really really small and I can't figure out how to get them any larger!

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