Saturday, June 6, 2009

Game face on

We arrived in Penticton Wed. evening after about a 12 hour trip. It could have been shorter, but with 2 dogs there were a lot of stops with mini-walks and bathroom breaks! So far it has been wonderful to be here, I have really been relaxing and very lazy the past few days, and really enjoying my time off work! Geoff and I have done a few laid back workouts, including a swim in the lake yesterday which was certainly an ideal temperature, around 20C.

The weather has been phenomenal. Yesterday it was about 31C, the day before was around 30c. Today it is about 26-27C but the winds sure picked up today as it was a challenge while out biking! They were forecasting for rain tomorrow but I think it has been revised as the showers are not supposed to come until the afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed that it does not rain!

I am very excited to race and plan to really enjoy the course and the scenery along the way. It is fantastic that my whole family is here, as this just makes the trip all that much more fun. My brother's friend Bill is also doing the race with us, and my dad and brothers have been enjoying their time each day on the beautiful golf courses in Osoyoos, Kelowna, and Vernon. My sister Alice arrived just last night and she will have a nice relaxing weekend here as well. She is going to do her long run tomorrow morning during the race.

My main goal tomorrow is to have fun and enjoy myself! I will not be preoccupied with placings, or results, or any of that jazz. Bring on the fun!

Sorry, I have taken no pictures while on this trip yet - my laziness has got the best of me and I have not taken the camera out!

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