Friday, June 26, 2009

A New Path

June 26 was officially my last day working for NRCS Inc. A short time ago, a wonderful opportunity presented itself to me and I made the decision to pursue it. During the past 3 years at my job, I have learned an awful lot and I have acquired invaluable skills and experience. However, the time has arrived to move on and I am very excited about this new position. On July 6, I will start my new career as a Business Development Consultant for Medisys Health Group. (Which means I am off for the entire next week!!) This is definitely an advancement for me and I am really looking forward to this challenging and exciting role. My first week will be spent in Vancouver for training and orientation.

My last day at work was actually only a half day (yay!), since one Dr. Esmail took Kim and myself golfing for the afternoon. We played at Blackhawk Golf Club, which is an amazingly beautiful golf course, one of Edmonton's best.

Here is Kim on hole 4:

A fierce storm rolled in on hole 5 and we got soaked;

but on we played; and true to Alberta's climate (where you can have all 4 seasons in one day), the sun was shining again by the end of hole 6!!
I had a fantastic time playing today and very nearly sunk my first-ever hole in one at hole 8 (par 3)!! It was awesome! I seem to play much better when I don't warm up at the driving range or take practice swings before I tee off. Hmmm..... certainly not the way it works in triathlon at all!!

This is seriously where my ball landed - no kidding! I actually sunk the putt for my first birdie (well sort of... technically I missed it the first time so I put the ball back where it was and then re-shot and hit it in)!
Now I have 9 days in a row without having to work! I can be lazy! This is taper week before the Great White North next Sunday, so the training volume is significantly decreased and I can put my feet up! I am looking forward to relaxing with Geoff and Hugo, and Stephen arrives on Tuesday so we will have a blast this week!


Amber Dawn said...

Congrats on the new path Lisa!! Have a great week and see you at GWN!

Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

I echo Amber's well wishes! All the best in your new position, and at GWN!