Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Riding into the sunset

I love the summers in Alberta. On a gorgeous day like today, you can start a nearly 90min bike workout at 8pm, and there is still daylight by the time you finish. It was a calm (for the most part) and beautiful evening and I really enjoyed my solo ride. This streak of nice weather is apparently here to stay for at least the next week, with the forecasted highs on Friday and Saturday up to 30C and 32C. Perfect for the open water swim on Saturday!

Since the swim starts so early at Sylvan Lake on Saturday, we have to be out the door by 5:30am in order to arrive by 7:15am at the latest. Yikes! That means a 5am wake-up call (I refuse to get up any earlier than that), which is a little early for me. I will be bringing a very large cup of coffee for the drive in hopes of waking up. I'm sure once I get in the water I will be fully awake, as I expect the water to be chilly for the non-wetsuit swim. Hopefully the warm weather we have been experiencing will increase the water temperature by a couple degrees. I am definitely excited for this race and have no expectations. I have completed 2 longer swim workouts in preparation for the 5km: 3500m on Sunday, and 4600m last night. Definitely does not sound like enough but it is more than I did 2 years ago for this race. I am heading there with big sis Alice, and Kendall from the swim group at St. Albert tri club.

For the sprint tri on Sunday, hopefully I can summon my dormant (non-existent?) fast twitch muscle fibers! With all the training for half ironman this year, there may have been a little neglect in this area. I am really looking forward to this super-fun race and my main goal will be to enjoy my day while putting out the hardest effort possible! I may be quite stiff and sore from the swim the day before, but who cares! I probably won't even notice as I will be having too much fun!

My dad is away now for a couple weeks visiting our relatives in N. Ireland, so Geoff and I are taking care of the house and the animals. Gucci (above) is a sweetheart and follows me around the house. His best friend is Hugo. Gucci now has his own Facebook page, complete with a list of friends, courtesy of my sister.


Deb said...

Hey, good luck this weekend! I love that you're doing 2 races in a row! The Sylvan Lake swim is something I would love to do maybe next summer if I can get back into swimming mode. Very cool! Good luck and have fun!!

Jen said...

Are YOU on facebook?

Jen said...

Cutro, Tampabay, Fl. Yay! Can't wait!