Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad habits gotta go

With the marathon training just beginning, I think the time has come to attempt to make some changes to what I am eating. I'm not trying to lose weight or anything, but rather to be a bit healthier. For the most part, Geoff and I eat pretty healthy. But we are no strangers to regular take out food and delivery (Panago pizza, Wok Box, Bad Ass Jack's, Swiss Chalet, to name a few).

On days when we are actually cooking something, it is always quick easy stuff, because let's face it - we don't have the energy to spend hours preparing gourmet meals. How do people find the time or energy to do this? After a long day of work, followed by a hard workout, (and then coaching swimming at 8pm on Tues/Thurs), the last thing I want to do is spend an hour preparing a meal. I am hungry at that instant and I want something to eat right away! Typically we eat the following on a frequent basis: tortellini or other pasta, salads (the ones that come with the dressings and you just mix them up and they're ready), burritos, shrimp, bbq chicken (already made at Safeway - you just cut it up), and you get the general idea - these are all foods that can be prepared very quickly! And they're not unhealthy... when we go somewhere for take-out it is always something healthy, like wraps from Bad Ass Jack's or yummy asian dishes from Wok Box, not burgers and fries and shakes.

But I have constant cravings for salty snacks like chips, so it is a normal thing to see a bag of Kettle chips or Ms. Vickie's in the grocery cart. Which would be fine if the entire bag was not consumed in one sitting. Also candy like Swedish berries and those Juicy Squirts, the bag is finished off a short time after being opened. These types of candy go hand in hand with popcorn. The other day I had a pop tart for supper (don't know where Geoff was, perhaps golfing or something?), then later that night we got groceries and I polished off a (smallish) bag of Kettle chips. Not the best idea. And Monday was also a day I did no training sessions so there were no workouts to justify the junk. It's time to cut down on the frequency that these uber-unhealthy meals are occurring. While it's fine to indulge on a moderate basis, days like my Monday debacle should be avoided.

As the running mileage increases, I am sure I will be hungrier and hungrier so the idea will be to get the extra calories through healthy snacks and meals! However, the bags of Kettle chips will still show up in the grocery cart every now and then as I will need to replenish my depleted sodium stores...

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