Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long run day

Just got back from my longest run in awhile - just under 12 miles. I got dragged out early by Deb, Kendall, Christina, and Colleen - left at 9am. It was great! Awesome to have my run completed before 11am on a Sunday! Usually I am lazy and like to sleep in a bit with Geoff, read the paper, eat breakfast, then leave around noon. Also, today is crazy-hot so it was good to get the run completed before it hits 29C!

Regarding the run, I seem to regularly experience problems with my hips after about 10 miles. They tighten up and start to become sore, so then my stride changes a bit to account for this. I will need to get this under wraps in the next few weeks before my really long runs start and before I actually do the 26.2 miles in December. Obviously my long run is going to continue to increase each week from here, so I want to make sure I am in top shape and health to handle it! I'm going to try out some ART to see if the hips can be loosened up, as I think they are just chronically tight. I stretch well, using the foam roller and the trigger point tools regularly, but I'm not sure how much this is helping. Hopefully I can get an appointment in the next week for this technique. My massage tomorrow will certainly help as well, since my legs are feeling all the running I've done this week (just under 60km I think)! My legs are actually feeling a lot better this weekend than I thought, after a hard track workout on Thursday (6x800).

See - I stretch!

Other than that, on tap for the rest of the day is a long walk with Hugo, some shopping, and dinner at Deb and Gord's (Geoff's parents), where I hear Deb is making her famous chocolate cake -layered with whipping cream - for dessert! I think I can justify that after my hard run today!

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mike said...

I am glad to hear that you are getting excited about running, that can only lead to success.