Sunday, August 16, 2009

A New Goal

So, after feeling all 'triathloned-out' the past few weeks after my series of 4 early-season races, I decided yesterday that I won't be doing any more tri's this year. Running is going to be my main focus for the rest of 2009, with a 10km race next weekend, the Suicide Prevention 10km run on Sept. 13, and finally.......

Yes, that's right - I signed up for the Las Vegas marathon on Dec. 6!! I am very excited! I have never done a stand-alone marathon before. I ran a marathon at the end of Ironman Couer D'alene in 2006, but that is a lot different and this time the sole focus of training will be running, with minimal swim/bike mixed in. This race sounds pretty awesome since you run up and down the strip for the first 13 miles, then finish with another 13 mile loop. Very cool! Geoff has also signed up for the marathon, but may switch to the half marathon. I'm trying to talk BFF Stephen into signing up as well - how about it, Stephen!

There is a lot of hard run training ahead of me but I'm looking forward to it and have already seen some improvements in speed the last few weeks. Friday's track workout went very well under the watchful eye of Geoff, and consisted of 5 x 1km repeats, all run at 4:02-4:03, which is actually probably the fastest I have ever run a 1km! My 90min run today, which I'm just about to start, will be my 6th run workout this week! I'm getting stronger every day...

Last night was dinner at Lazia downtown with BFF Bonnie, her bro/sis, Geoff, and Susan and Nicole. Delicious food to celebrate Bonnie's upcoming 29th b-day on Aug. 18! We headed out to Halo after that, where we had a few cocktails and enjoyed the groovy house music. After that, we walked over to Play where you are always guaranteed to hear good music! I was the first to leave (surprise surprise!) just after midnite as I was super tired and my high-heeled sandals were killing my feet.

Me and the birthday girl. Good times!

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runningman said...

Awesome goal, I want to do that marathon some day.