Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back on the bike and a much needed recovery week

Yesterday was my first bike ride in 2 months, and I opted for the trainer as the wind was FIERCE! And it was a long and tedious 50 minutes, which was all I could manage as the motivation is still not there to do bike training.

I am very thankful this is a drop-back week for my running, as the past 2 weeks I have averaged 7 hours per week of running (7:15 the first week, 6:45 last week). WOW, that is a lot! Close to 80km both weeks. My long run at 8:30am on Sunday morning (sooo early!) was especially tough. About 25 km, 2hr 10min, and after only about 75 minutes my hips become sore and just start to ache! All that repetitive pounding and my joints start to feel like they are 80 years old and trapped in the body of a 29 year old. After completing that run, doubts crept into my head about how on earth am I going to run 20-22 miles in training, let alone run an entire marathon! I really need to keep those thoughts from creeping into my mind and instead be confident and continue to be consistent. There are still 2 months to go - and Geoff knows what he is doing with our training plans!

An excellent but painful massage today (it's Wednesday now - I apparently can no longer finish writing an update in one sitting) has done me wonders. Having the day off of running doesn't hurt, either! I was supposed to do some core/strength exercises but it is now 9:30pm and I still haven't done them. It's looking like I'm going to take a pass on doing any exercise today after all!

This week has been super-busy for me with work and it will only continue to get busier! I'm flying to Calgary Sunday night for a conference on Monday, then back to Edmonton for the same conference on Tuesday here. But I will not continue to talk about work here as I'm sure nobody really wants to hear about that! Enough already. Things are busy for me in all aspects what with coaching 3 swim practices a week again but I quite enjoy that and would not consider it work at all.

Happy Wednesday!

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