Saturday, September 5, 2009

Old dogs, new kicks

When I arrived home from work on Thursday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that UPS had stopped by and my new shoes had been delivered that day! I immediately laced them up and took them out for an easy 40min run.

Nike Free 5.0

These shoes are great! They are literally light as a feather and feel like slippers. There's nothing to 'em, and they really do live up to the concept of barefoot running. They weigh less than my racing flats. My legs are feeling good so far, and I wore them again yesterday for a progressive/build run on the tready. With the shoes being slipper-like, though, my feet and toes are a bit beat-up with a few blisters. I'll take this over musculo-skeletal issues, though! My hips are already feeling better and my lower legs are not sore!

The real test will be trying them out for my long run tomorrow (12 miles planned), to see how the hips hold out. If they work out, I may plan to wear them in the marathon. I'll probably test them out in the 10km race next weekend. Which reminds me, I better get myself registered for that one...

Other exciting news: my BFF Jadeen has decided to re-schedule her wedding from the weekend of Great White North (first weekend in July), to the 3rd week in July! Which means Geoff and I get to race GWN again next year! I have only raced it twice now, but this is one of my top favorite races. So glad that I get to be a part of it for 2010! [Yikes, I will have just turned 30 at that point!]

See if you can spot the Hugo-monster, eating berries and enjoying the last bit of this wonderful end-of-summer heat wave...

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