Saturday, October 10, 2009

A slight hiccup... and a sigh of relief

It's been a busy week for me. Flew to Calgary Sunday evening, met my brother Donald for a drink and some food at my hotel in Calgary, conference all day Monday in Calgary at the Fairmont, fly home, conference all day Tuesday in Edmonton at the Hotel MacDonald. The fun part of my job was Tuesday evening - we took some potential lawyer clients out to dinner at the Bar 100, and then to the Oilers game against Dallas.
We had some pretty cool seats... front row on the glass! It was a fun place to sit as you get a bird's eye view of all the action. It is certainly very loud whenever the puck hits the boards or the glass. I managed to get some pics on my phone of the action:

Blurry action shot!
Oilers celebrating the exciting win!

Last weekend I was worried as I thought for sure I was coming down with a knee injury. My hopes of continuing my consistent marathon training and racing the marathon were dashed. The left knee (lateral side) started hurting a bit during my interval run on the tready Friday evening, then during my run on Saturday it become progressively sorer throughout my easy 45 mins. I did my drills and skipped the strides. After my run, my knee was sore for the rest of the day, even to walk. No! I iced it that night, and went crazy with the foam roller.
My long run on Sunday was supposed to be 1:45 as it was a recovery week, and the knee was sore for the first half, but then felt better the last part. I was able to finish the run and still held a pretty decent pace (12 miles total). More icing, more foam roller. I took Monday and Tuesday completely off and did some more icing, took ibuprofen, and foam-rolled it when I got home from Calgary.
Apparently this did a WORLD of good as when I started running on Wednesday, it was fine! I didn't even feel so much as a twinge during the 75 minute run. Same on Thursday and Friday- my knee was fine. PHEW! I am very relieved. I have a very long run on the schedule for tomorrow (2:20-2:30), which I am starting very early (8am - call me crazy), as I'm running with a friend, Christina. What I am not relieved about is this bloody cold weather we are experiencing - BRRRRR! It's freezing right now, not even above zero, so I have had to get out the tights and toque this week, which I was hoping to leave in my closet until November. No such luck.
Stay tuned for some EXCITING news coming up on Monday....

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