Friday, November 6, 2009


Some days that you have it, other days you don't. Most of my runs in the past week and a half unfortunately fall into the latter category. I think that everything is sort of catching up to me all at once; those longer mileage weeks and being overly busy at work the past month or so. Things at work are starting to settle down a bit now, which is great as that will give me more chance to focus on running and RECOVERY these next 4 weeks. I can rest easy this weekend knowing that I did not have to bring work home with me - first time in quite a while! I can't rest completely as I have a LOT of housecleaning to get done... and Geoff, you get to help! Other than that, I will be spending time playing with the two monsters (actually the three monsters if you count Geoff).

On Sunday I am faced with the daunting challenge of a 20 mile run. I plan to do the 10 miler race route twice. It can't get any more convenient as the route actually passes by my house! The route is not easy, though, and includes several long and gradual hills; nothing I haven't been doing in my other long runs, however! I am up for it!
And - I will have some good company with Christina and Cindy joining me.

But first, I have a 60 min tready run on the schedule for tonight - with some speedwork in the form of 12x1min @ 5k pace.

The Vegas trip is now all organized and booked - and my BFF Stephen is now signed up for the 1/2 marathon, so it should be lots of fun! Only one month till race day! Where does the time go...


Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

Sending you great vibes for Sunday's long run, and of course for the final prep and RACE day!!! Vegas baby...woot, woot! Go get 'em!

Charisa said...

Those are the most beautiful stairs ever!! Hope that long run went well.