Sunday, November 29, 2009

the journey does not end here...

Can't believe Geoff and I are leaving in only a few days for Vegas! Where has the time gone? The past week I have been feeling off and on with each run: I'll have one good run, then one bad run, then one good run, then one bad run. The 'bad' runs are not necessarily terrible, they are just runs where I feel more fatigued than usual, and/or my legs feel stiff and sore. Today was about 9.5 miles, started out easy and tried to build it, with a 15 min tempo section near the end. It was a challenge as we receievd a bit of snow a couple weeks ago, and with some days recently above zero degrees the trails have turned into skating rinks. I ended up doing several runs on the tready this week as a result. But I certainly feel very fortunate for the weather we have lucked out with this fall; I did not have to do ANY long runs in poor conditions! Cheers to that.

I am now tapering down over the next week and hope the ol' body responds accordingly so I can feel great on Sunday! I have a massage scheduled tomorrow (and a day off training) so that can kick-start the process.

So Geoff got me thinking the other day about this marathon journey and big run focus. He emphasized that this specific focus to better my running does not just end after the marathon is over. We will continue targeting this area in order for me to keep progressing and improving. And big improvements don't just happen overnight, or even in a few months! The legs need to build up strength over months and months (years?) of consistent run training and volume. So this is all really a work in progress!

I can honestly say I have done all the training and hard work that I could over the past few months (but I guess if I think a little more deeply into it I suppose I should have got to the gym more often to do my core workouts!). But running-wise, I have followed Geoff's plan for me to a 'T' and have really not missed any runs. The long runs all got completed, as unpleasant as one or two of them may have been, and the consistency factor has definitely been present! I have done everything I could have, short of quitting my job and freeing up some hours! The time has come now to put this hard work to the test next Sunday and see what happens! Bring on Vegas!


Jeremy Hopwood said...

have a great race and "rock vegas". Totally believe in the wok in progress concept and I firmly believe the work I am doing now will manifest itself in 2011

Charisa said...

Whoooo hoooo good luck in Vegas!!!

runningman said...

Have a great race Lisa!!!

Kelly said...

Hey Lisa

Congratulations on getting through all that tough training. It will pay off this weekend and definetly pay off even more in the spring/summer at the end of those tri's.