Sunday, January 31, 2010

A double, and a 1:40 run in a blizzard

This week has been pretty good, training-wise. I had 6 runs on the schedule, and ended up doing 5 runs. I had to travel again this week for work (Wed-Thurs in Calgary), and as a result I missed out on my run on Thursday, mainly because I couldn't bring myself to get up in time to hit the hotel treadmill before starting my day. Sometimes your body just needs that extra hour of sleep! I made it back home in time to coach/swim Thursday evening, and since I didn't want to miss any runs, I rose early the next morning to fit in an EZ 35 min run on the tready before work.

The planned run Geoff had on my schedule for Friday was kinda scary, 60 min with 4 x 5 min @ tempo, 3 min ez recovery, and again on the treadmill as let's face it - you'd have to be some kind of ridiculous to be doing intervals outside right now in these conditions. So I did that run after work! I was feeling pretty tired before I began, and super unmotivated, but I made myself get changed and head down to the basement.

It's funny, sometimes when you are really dreading a workout and feeling completely unmotivated to do it, it turns out that you end up feeling really great in the workout and nail it. This happened to me during that friday evening tready workout, and also during my long build run on Wednesday in Calgary in the cold. And then after you finish, you feel a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for having pushed yourself to get out there and deliver. Had you given in to your inner negative voice and skipped the planned workout, there undoubtedly always follows a feeling of regret and disappointment in yourself.

Buuut... if you did force yourself to get off that couch and lace up your running shoes, or get on your bike, or drive to the pool, or go to the gym - you will always feel better for doing it.

That was the first day in my life I have ever done 2 runs in one day, and it proved to be as tough as it sounds! My tempo intervals actually ended up going really well and I felt strong, but during the last half of the run my calves tightened up and were quite sore. I was very exhausted that evening and went to bed early, only to be up the next morning at 7:15 so I could sneak in a swim with Christina before coaching at 9am. It is no surprise that my body felt REALLY tired during that swim! Good thing it was a relatively easy 2500m.

My planned 2hr brick on Saturday afternoon turned itself into a 60min ez spin. I had nothing in the legs while biking so I necessarily ditched the idea of running after the bike, and shortened the bike too. It's important to listen to your body and adapt the planned schedule to suit your body's needs. I also ended up requiring 11 hours of sleep on Saturday night! Still feeling kinda tired, especially after going for a 1:40 run in the snow, which turned into a blizzard during the run, with the winds and snow picking up. What fun!

Looking forward to a day off swim-bike-run tomorrow, which will just include a core/weights workout. Also looking forward to the snow melting, and that lovely spring weather to show up in about a month's time! Here's hoping...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ruh Roh!

This is what Geoff arrived home to earlier today after leaving the 2 Boston Terrors to their own devices for an hour and a half....
Wylie had proceeded to tear a strip off one of our leather chairs.

Here is the culprit:"How can you be mad when I am this cute?"
So true.

We know Hugo wasn't part of it... Was he?

Full update on training and other exciting stuff to follow soon... Time to hit the hay now so I can get up at 6am and do a tready run so that I can go to hot yoga after work!

Monday, January 11, 2010

first brick of the year, first bonk of the year

but not to worry, it didn't happen in the same workout! i am definitely back into the swing of training, and starting to feel the effects already. my body right now is feeling tired and also sore from my gym workout yesterday. from mon-sun i ended up doing about 12 hours of training, including 2 bikes, 5 runs, 3 swims, 1 hot yoga, 1 core/strength sesh, and a gym workout! the bonk occurred at the end of tonight's 75 min bike workout... guess i need to eat a little more before the workout, as i got so hungry the last 5-10 mins, and had to stop biking and run upstairs to the kitchen! the bonk was complete with the shakes and that near fainting feeling... but i took care of that by eating my weight in macaroons after dinner!

geoff gots me doing 3 hours of core/strength work per week, which is absolutely what the doctor ordered! i have really been lacking in this department in my training the past few years (no, ever since i started doing triathlon!) and this is what the ol' body needs. i do need to strengthen my hips and legs and core muscles which will help with my running/biking and will be beneficial in the long term. Yay for strength!

my plan for the first part of 2010 contains lots of races and looks like this:
-March 13: St. Patrick's Day 10km (Calgary)
-April 18: St. Albert 10 miler
-a bunch of fun Wednesday night cross-country races in April/May
-May 16: Wine Country of Canada Olympic Tri (Oliver, BC)
-May 23: Red Deer Half Marathon
-May 30: Coronation Triathlon (Edmonton)
-June 13: Wasa Olympic Triathlon (Cranbrooke, BC)
-July 4: Great White North 1/2 Iron (Stony Plain, AB)
-after that, we'll see!

the mild, above season temps we've been having this week have me pining away for sunshine, running in tank tops, and biking outside weather! unfortunately, it's a ways away yet and i'm sure there will be more cold and blizzards in the next couple months to deal with.

i'm off to Vancouver on thursday for several days for work - at least there's no snow there!

Happy training!