Monday, January 11, 2010

first brick of the year, first bonk of the year

but not to worry, it didn't happen in the same workout! i am definitely back into the swing of training, and starting to feel the effects already. my body right now is feeling tired and also sore from my gym workout yesterday. from mon-sun i ended up doing about 12 hours of training, including 2 bikes, 5 runs, 3 swims, 1 hot yoga, 1 core/strength sesh, and a gym workout! the bonk occurred at the end of tonight's 75 min bike workout... guess i need to eat a little more before the workout, as i got so hungry the last 5-10 mins, and had to stop biking and run upstairs to the kitchen! the bonk was complete with the shakes and that near fainting feeling... but i took care of that by eating my weight in macaroons after dinner!

geoff gots me doing 3 hours of core/strength work per week, which is absolutely what the doctor ordered! i have really been lacking in this department in my training the past few years (no, ever since i started doing triathlon!) and this is what the ol' body needs. i do need to strengthen my hips and legs and core muscles which will help with my running/biking and will be beneficial in the long term. Yay for strength!

my plan for the first part of 2010 contains lots of races and looks like this:
-March 13: St. Patrick's Day 10km (Calgary)
-April 18: St. Albert 10 miler
-a bunch of fun Wednesday night cross-country races in April/May
-May 16: Wine Country of Canada Olympic Tri (Oliver, BC)
-May 23: Red Deer Half Marathon
-May 30: Coronation Triathlon (Edmonton)
-June 13: Wasa Olympic Triathlon (Cranbrooke, BC)
-July 4: Great White North 1/2 Iron (Stony Plain, AB)
-after that, we'll see!

the mild, above season temps we've been having this week have me pining away for sunshine, running in tank tops, and biking outside weather! unfortunately, it's a ways away yet and i'm sure there will be more cold and blizzards in the next couple months to deal with.

i'm off to Vancouver on thursday for several days for work - at least there's no snow there!

Happy training!


runningman said...

Awesome to see you back training. Nice schedule, I'd like to do more races myself this year, But cda is early and I'm not sure how many long rides I can substitute for a races. hmmm

Charisa said...

There's always a first for everything right? :)