Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting it done, sort of

Lately I have been a real wimp with the weather and my training. At the slightest sign of cooler weather/wind/rain, I have been hiding indoors on the trainer or hitting up the treadmill. Up until Saturday, I had been outside on my bike a total of... uh, once. And that was on a 23C day back in April. That's my kind of weather.

So Saturday morning rolled around and it was time to face the music. Only a couple months remain till GWN so time get my a$$ out there! After swim practice, I rushed home and got dressed for cycling outside - it was only about 8C. Turned out to be not too bad at all! I rode 50km with a couple girls from the swim group, and I wasn't really even cold.

Then Sunday rolled around and I had a 2.5 hour ride/30 min run planned. And I did the ride on the trainer. In my defence it looked like it was going to rain and the winds were really strong! The ride was good, but I ended up feeling really hungry/bonky at the end and as a result I bailed on the run. However, the week overall was pretty good as I ended up with 13 hours of training, which is good for me. Actually the past couple weeks have consistently been at that same amount.

I had a 60 min run planned for Monday and was determined to do it outside, no matter what. It was of course miserable all day. I got myself ready around 6:45pm and stepped outside - and it had just started raining. The winds were STRONG and it was far from warm. I stepped back inside, literally contemplating the tready, and Geoff yelled at me to just get out there and do it. So that I did! The first half of it was miserable, with 50km/hr winds in my face and raining, but despite this I actually didn't feel bad at all. And it was even better when I turned around as there was a tailwind. It turned out to be quite a good run - sometimes those runs in the rain are nothing to fear!

My 'fairweather training' problem reared its ugly head again yesterday causing me to do my ez run on the treadmill, but with good reason:

Ahh... spring in Alberta would not be complete without a May blizzard. I was hoping for some more gorgeous weather like we got several weeks ago but, dream on I guess!

It WILL turn around! I am so looking forward to spring/summer... any day now!

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