Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coronation Tri (also known as the Winter Aquathlon)

This was what was going on outside when I woke up Sunday morning for the Coronation triathlon. That was a first! I've seen some crap weather for tri's but never snow! It was 1C and -2 with the windchill. I left my bike exactly where it was on the trainer and left the house at 7:30am with only my swimming and running gear in tow. I decided that no matter what, I was not going to be biking!

When I arrived at the pool, I discovered that the bike leg was cancelled (no brainer), and the race had become a swim-run (1km/8km), which is otherwise known as an Aquathlon. I also noticed that there were a large number of bikes set up on the transition racks outside, which I thought was quite comical. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and it seems close to half the people who registered were, not surprisingly, no-shows. The race had morphed into a "seed yourself" type of deal, so Alice and I went near the end of the line of women and found a group of 4 other girls to swim with. The race director also allowed us to set up our transition areas inside the pool area, so as to avoid having to run outside in our bathing suits.

There were 6 in my lane and it turned out to be very organized and efficient as we had a good group of swimmers who knew what they were doing and how to pass/be passed. I went off second and was a little behind the first girl (~50m), lapped a few others and in general had a decent swim. I ran to my 'transition' and proceeded to throw on a long-sleeved Lulu shirt, running capri's, socks and toque. I couldn't get the long sleeve pulled on my arms as it kept getting stuck, and the capri's also had a mind of their own, wanting to stay glued to my lower calves! I was definitely in transition for a good chunk of time! The swim times actually include the indoor transition times so I really have no idea what I actually swam. I had a towel there and dried off a bit, but as soon as I had my shirt on it was already soaked, which became even more so outside as it was still sleeting/snowing/raining.

My run went great! I went out pretty hard and felt pretty decent. The run is challenging as most of the whole way out is downhill, which means... you have to come uphill on the way back! I cheered for and encouraged all of the oncoming runners and the ones I was overtaking, and was in a good mood and mindset despite the conditions. All of the other women seemed to be in good spirits as well, and there were some awesome volunteers out there in the miserable weather cheering everyone on at various points. So it ended up being a pretty fun race! I ended up 2nd female overall by less than a minute. And Alice had an awesome swim and run to end up 3rd place in our age group - a podium! WAY TO GO ALICE, you rock!

After Alice finished, we headed inside and went directly into the hot tub for >15 minutes. It was sooo hot and nice, but a bad decision in hindsight after being so freezing at the finish! My lower legs were already starting to feel sore later on in the day, especially my shins. I did a 10 min ice bath in the late afternoon which helped, but even today, my shins are still incredibly sore! Hopefully they recover well in time for Sunday...

Next up, Hinton Olympic Tri on June 6!


mike said...

That's awesome, this province really sucks sometimes.

Congrats on the good results!

runningman said...

That's pretty impressive adaptation for a race. Good job on showing up and getting a solid workout in.