Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The party's get back to work

My 5 day Vegas vacation was the first in a very long time that was not a triathlon or race related trip. A true vacay! It was fun! I was lazy, ate well, drank, and didn't really exercise, save for one 27 minute run in the 40C heat, during which I had to actually walk a few times! BFF Jadeen got married at Valley of Fire on Wednesday, in a very small, private ceremony in the desert. As you might have noticed from the pictures in my last post, it was good times!

However, I'm glad to be back to the daily grind, working and training and working some more, and enjoying what's left of the summer. The work tends to pile up when you are not in the office to do it! And for once I (mostly) did not work during my trip, although I have to admit I did check emails on the Blackberry once or twice, much to Geoff's chagrin.

My fall race schedule is now up in the air. I was planning to do the Soma Half Iron in Arizona on Oct. 24, but since this happened I will be opting out, as I have no desire to race a 'Half Iron Duathlon'! But I still REALLY want to do a fall triathlon (i.e. October), so I have no idea which race that will be. I'm not even sure what the options are and will have to look into it further. My next race is the St. Albert sprint tri on Aug. 8, which will be more of a fun race (as after my lazy/lush/party week in Vegas I am certainly not in racing shape), and after that I am racing the Banff Olympic tri on Sept. 11. I'm really motivated to train long and hard again and get back to decent shape by Sept. 11!

Went for a solo ride this evening, didn't leave until after 7:30pm, but still managed to get in 45km. Here's a picture from near the beginning of the ride:
Looks like there is still a lot of sunlight left, but after about 30 minutes the beautiful sun dipped behind a never ending cloud and was not to be seen again. So it became a race against daylight. Turns out I made it home with plenty of daylight to spare :)


Charisa said...

Summer is just the best isn't it? :)

Julie said...

A REAL vacation....I remember those! Before triathlon, I remember the good ole days of 2 week all-inclusive resorts and the desert table. ;)

Those pictures are awesome -- you can tell you had a blast.

That is too bad about the half-iron race -- the freaking dam broke?!?!?! What the heck? That is just crazy!