Monday, September 20, 2010

My next challenge

What have I gotten myself into? I recently heard about this research study at the UofA that was underway and decided to sign myself up. The study is titled "The effects of whole body mechanics during a simulated 10km race". The first day includes some testing, including V02 max, squats, balance, range of motion, etc. The second session involves a 10km time trial on a track. The third session includes a minimum of 10km on a treadmill to volitional exhaustion, at your race pace which was determined on the track. Maximal knee extension is also measured before and after the tready test.

Yikes! I'm scared!

At the same time, I am eagerly anticipating this as I love to challenge myself and push my limits to see what the body is capable of. Between the track time trial and the treadmill race pace run to exhaustion, I haven't yet figured out what session is going to be more difficult. I'll report back later with an answer! 10km on a track at a race pace is going to seem loooongg! And no I-pods allowed (yes, I did inquire!). But running that hard on a treadmill for a minimum of 10km is also going to be brutal!

I haven't really been doing a whole lotta training this past week, just recovering a bit from the race(s) last weekend, and fitting in unstructured sessions, which included one swim, one hot yoga session, 3 runs, 1 bike, and one strength session. Oh, and if you count indoor rock climbing, which I got to do during a trip to Vancouver on Friday for work. Wow, that sounds like even less when it's written down! So hopefully this lack of training means I'll be rested going into these testing sessions!

Here's some pics of Wylie after getting a bath last weekend, then being dried with the hair dryer. He doesn't enjoy his baths as much as Hugo does, and starts shivering near the end. Of course, he's also scared of the hair dryer but he let me dry him off this time :)

That's all for now!


Andre said...

Are you at least getting free cookies from the UofA for working yourself to exhaustion just so some grad students can do some research? Or are they trying to convince you that you are getting free VO2 max testing in exchange for participation.

Lisa G said...

Ha! Free cookies?! I wish! But that is a good idea...

Julie said...

That is so cool about the research study -- you are going to rock that track! Hopefully a walker won't get in your way...let the spittle fly! Hahahaha!

Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog -- it means a lot. :)

Can't wait to hear more about the treadmill test too. What a workout that will be!