Monday, September 6, 2010

Time to stop wasting time

Long weekends are the best! It's so nice to have that extra day to fit in whatever you need, do some extra training, or just to relax. For some reason this weekend i got to thinking about how I need to be a bit more mindful of how I'm spending my time. There are 168 hours in one week. If I estimate the following:

-Sleep 56 hours
-Work 45-50 hours
-Commute time 5 hours
-Training 10-12 hours

That leaves me about 45 hours a week for everything else, which sounds like quite a lot of time! Yet i always seem to have the perception that i have NO TIME! My goal is to stop wasting time anywhere I can so that i can be more productive. This winter and next spring, i hope to be able to train a little more than I did this year so I can be better prepared for the half iron distance races. Not so much in terms of huge volume, but more biking and more time spent on building strength and power. Cause that's really what I need!

But first, a few races remain for 2010, starting with Banff Tri next weekend. Apparently the water temperature in the lake this week was hovering between 12-14C. Yikes! That is freaking freezing! 14C i can handle (barely), but 12C is ridiculous! The coldest water I ever swam in was around 11.5C in the ocean in San Francisco last year, and I couldn't have even fathomed biking after that! We'll see what happens this week with the weather... although the forecast is looking pretty grim :(

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Julie said...

I really feel for you --- just thinking about that cold water is enough to make me want to have a bath.

Funny how our perceptions of time are, eh? It's amazing when you read statistics of how much time people waste watching the boob tube per week!