Monday, October 4, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

Meant to post an update last week but things have just been too busy! Headed to Banff on Friday for a little weekend trip with the family (Dad, my Aunt Helen, and brothers - Geoff stayed home to hold down the fort). Banff was just wonderful. There's always something so majestic about being in the mountains and I absolutely can't get enough of the crisp mountain air and the smell of fresh pine. It's so exhilarating.

A few photos to summarize the trip:

We rode the gondola just up the road from the Rimrock and here is the view from the top:
No stilleto's allowed up here...
The turquoise waters of Lake Louise:
Mark and I enjoying our Eden Room experience (10 courses with plenty of wine to go along):

The view at Lake Louise is breath-taking:
On our way out of Banff on Sunday, this little guy was holding up traffic and ended up making his way over to someone's residence:

Regarding triathlon-related stuff, I am pretty much just doing all unstructured training right now (read: do what u feel like, no plan required). I successfully completed each of the 3 parts of the grueling U of Alberta research study on the effects of whole body mechanics during a simulated 10km race. It was freakin' hard, man! I'm sort of 'recovering' from that, as it all took place over the course of only 1 week (V02 max test on Wednesday, 10km time trial on the track on Saturday, and the simulated 10km race on the tready on Wednesday). My calves were actually still a little sore yesterday!

I will do a full write up on my experiences with those sessions and the results shortly. I'm waiting for my computerized video of the treadmill session as well as the rest of the results from the study. The whole thing was extremely challenging and I'm glad I was able to push myself literally to my maximum (each test was pretty much to exhaustion). The track and treadmill sessions were also a test of mental toughness.

But first, I have a busy week ahead: have to drive to Calgary for work first thing tomorrow for 2 days, Beer Mile on Thursday nite, big dinner at Geoff's house on Friday, then on Saturday I'm getting married! OMG!

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You bet we are coming - see you on Saturday for your big day!!