Monday, December 13, 2010

when's winter over?

I've been rolling along the past few weeks, getting in some awesome workouts and building up my run fitness, thinking of the 1/2 marathon that's coming up in 2 months. Long runs on Sundays have been going really well, as I've had a great run partner to keep me company (Christina), and I have done every single one of them outside. And it hasn't exactly been warm here! Last weekend I did 1:50, the weekend before was 1:45, and yesterday was only 90 min, as this was a drop-back/recovery week. I was on my own yesterday, though, so I cranked up the tunes on my i-pod and ended up having a great run, despite the -21C windchill.

Last week I ordered a new pair of shoes (Saucony Kinvara), which arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday, just in time for an ez run on the tready. I wore them again for a hard interval set on Friday (10 x 1 min), and then again on Sunday for my long run. They are great shoes! I have not really tried any brands other than Nike in the past 4-5 years, but I must say these are a hit! They are super light shoes ('minimalist') and I felt fast and floaty yesterday, even in the snow.
Other than training, I have really not been up to much (well except for an overnight work trip to Vancouver last week for a Christmas party)... however, that will soon change as I have the entire next week off of work (hells ya!), and my sister and brothers arrive here this Friday and Saturday for a couple weeks! There will be some shopping (on Christmas Eve of course - it's a tradition with my siblings), plenty of dinners, and of course lots of partying! We have been known to be a rowdy bunch at X-mas and New Years! But I do plan to get in lots of quality workout sessions over the holidays! Geoff and I were also toying with the idea of heading to Jasper next Sunday for a couple nights, with a day of skiing on Monday, but I'm not sure if that will actually pan out at this point. We'll see!

And here's some doggy pics for those fellow dog-lovers out there....

2 Boston terriers squeezed into 1 tiny bed on a cold winter's day:

Wylie lying in his toybox, soaking up the last ounce of sunshine left in the day:
Wylie likes to sleep on the very top of a couch, just like a cat:

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Julie said...

I am done with winter and I really have no cause to complain! I was out Christmas shopping yesterday and it was 10 degrees in Lethbridge -- I had to take off my jacket!

Those new shoes look gorgeous -- a prefect time to break them in so they will be ready race day. :)

You are fortunate to have a running partner for those longer runs. At least you can brave the elements together. :)