Friday, January 21, 2011

Running for joy

I'm just back today from a week-long business trip to Calgary.  Nice to be home, even if it is slightly cooler here than it was there!  Happy to report that I was able to get outside yesterday evening for a run, after not having run outside in at least 2 weeks with the massive snowfall and cold temps we've had here in Edmonton.  The run yesterday was amazing!  It was dark by the time I left the hotel, around 6pm, and beautifully warm.  It was super windy on the way out, but just above zero and there was no snow on the pathway.  Imagine that - running on pavement!  My Kinvara's hadn't touched pavement for many weeks till that moment.

It was one of those runs where you feel like you're running for the sheer joy of running.  I happen to do a lot of thinking when I'm out running - not so much during hard interval or tempo sessions where you need to be focused on the task at hand, but more so during those longer aerobic workouts.  Having been stuck on the treadmill for all my runs the past couple weeks, I have been missing out on this thinking time as I typically am watching mindless television.

And I nearly forgot how much I missed it!  Yesterday's run was a strong reminder of how much I really do love running - the feel of the air rushing against your face, the sound of your breathing and footsteps and/or music, and the sights of the beautiful scenery passing by, including other runners.  It's not always about training training training, harder/faster/longer with thoughts of getting faster for that upcoming race at the top of your mind.  You really have to LOVE it as well!  And I DO!  Lately I have been making a point during my runs outside to smile and/or say hello to everyone and anyone who crosses my path, and yesterday was no different.  Many smile and say hello back, but a few look away and pretend not to notice. Doesn't matter!  I will continue to do this as I am happy being able to run and might as well share that with others!  Try it - it's easy and it's fun!

I feel like I was running the whole time with a goofy smile plastered across my face.  I had only planned to run for 45 minutes, an out and back route along the river.  The way out there was a huge headwind to challenge me but I hardly even noticed.  I was enjoying myself so immensely that by the time I first looked at my watch it was already at 25 minutes.  So I decided to continue on and turn around at 30, making the run an hour. Also - I realized in the back of my mind that I'd be hauling @$$ home as it would be tailwind city all the way back, so I would enjoy it even more! And I certainly did!  I felt like I was flying on the way home - such a great feeling.

Sometimes we lose sight of why we do things, and all it takes is a run wake up call like that to remind me!

I'm off now - I have a hot date with the tready for 4x1 mile repeats!  Don't forget to ENJOY your run!


Stephen said...

so great to hear you have been able to run on the pavement, and sounds like you had one of those epic runs where are goes right! Keep up the great training and lifestyle :)

Scott Curry said...

:) keep smiling!