Monday, January 10, 2011

weekend indoor workout fun

This weekend in Edmonton we were slammed with a lovely winter storm that dropped about 35cm of this on us:
It's actually not even my car - I was too lazy to take pictures so I borrowed this one from a weather site...

Geoff and I were snowed in on Saturday.  I tried to get out in the morning in order to get to the pool to coach, but couldn't get past the driveway.  The snow was higher than your knees!  Our condo complex did not even get cleared until Sunday afternoon.  Good thing we have a nice little pain cave situation going on in the basement, including treadmill, bike trainer, Swiss ball, t.v., etc.  On Saturday I rode the trainer for 80 mins including some random big gear and standing intervals, then hopped on the tready for a 30 min run (all while watching Dexter re-runs!).  After the brick, I did a 45 min core/strength workout, with 9 full body exercises (3 sets of each, 12-15 reps).

On Sunday my running buddy Christina picked me up on the main road (complex still wasn't cleared) and we went to the gym for an indoor long run session.  I did 70 min on the tready at a decent pace, then planned to head right to the track to add on another 30 min. The treadmill sesh was not without its drama - with about 15 mins to go I was using my towel to wipe sweat off my face when suddenly my contact lense somehow got lodged behind my eyeball.  I couldn't see anything out of that eye (I'm pretty much blind without glasses or contact lenses!) so I kept trying to fiddle with it in order to get it to move back, squinting my eye and closing my eye, all while still running.  But it seemed stuck there!  I wanted to finish my planned session, so I kept running until 70 minutes were up, then I ran to the change room so I could look in the mirror and figure out what the heck was going on.  Christina quickly came to my aid and with her assistance, we eventually got the lense out...only to discover that it had ripped in half and the other half was still stuck behind my eye somewhere!  All during this display many women were coming in and out of the change room and offering advice/help and others were simply staring and/or pretending not to notice (probably thinking, who is this weirdo?)!

Finally about 15 minutes later, the second half was found and removed from my eye.  Phew!  I was a little worried there for a few minutes but it all turned out okay.  Crazy, though!  I have no idea how that happened.  Anyway, after the contact lense drama show it was time to get my butt on the track.  I ran another 20 min on the track while being able to see clearly out of only one eye and not at all out of the other (strange experience by the way), making my run a total of 90 min. Luckily I didn't run into anyone on the track :)

Earlier in the week I also had a couple of solid run interval sessions on the treadmill - Wednesday was a 60 min run that included 4 x 1 mile at 1/2 marathon pace with 3 min ez between, which felt comfortably hard until the last bit of #4, which just felt plain old hard!  Friday's workout included a main set of 6 x 2 min fast pace with 2 min ez between.  Never thought I'd be doing intervals at 9 on the tready, but here I am!  Short sprints/strides are done at 10.  Yay progress!

That's it for now... can't believe I have a 1/2 marathon coming up on Feb. 13!  Time is flying by!  

These poor little guys were stuck inside until Sunday evening when I took them to my Dad's to play with Gucci - however, they were happy enough to cuddle in the comfort of the warm indoors!


runningman said...

Yikes that sounds scary with the contact, glad it worked out. Nice doggy pic. :)

Scott Curry said...

Wow,..train well,'re 1/2 marathon is around the corner!

Best to you!