Friday, March 11, 2011

I can see a faint light at the end of the tunnel

It's time to dust the cobwebs off this blog and get it back up and running!  This has probably been the longest stretch I've gone without having posted anything, and I don't plan on it happening again.  Lately I haven't even had the time to keep up with reading my favorite blogs, let alone writing any of my own.  Also there really hasn't been anything overly compelling going on to write about!  Unless you want to read about how cold and miserable it's been this winter in Alberta, which I'm sure most don't.  And unless you want to see a bunch of pictures of the heaps and piles of snow, or indoor training, I have no cool pictures to post either!

I feel like we have the worst of this horrible winter behind us though, having made it through January and February.  YAY!  Anyone living in Alberta this year can understand what I am talking about, as it's been the worst winter I can ever recall here.  My training has pretty much strictly been contained to the indoors; in fact, the last time I ran outside was during the 1/2 marathon in Vancouver which was nearly 4 weeks ago.  i am getting pretty sick of the treadmill and am hoping that today was the LAST cold arctic day for a very long time (like until next winter).  i am planning to put my huge thick warm parka away this weekend (had to wear it today as it was close to -30C with the windchill!), and hope not to have to see it until at least December.  It is going to warm up this weekend, though, and it better stay above zero! 

Training has been consistent but I haven't really been doing anything major or impressive in terms of volume or intensity.  Recovering from the race last month was a big process, as I experienced huge muscle soreness for nearly a week after it!  That race took a whole heck of a lot out of me and I haven't done any intervals since then!  The plan is to start back with some intervals in the run/bike next week.  I have been swimming pretty consistently and fairly happy with where I'm at, although I do need to put in a good 2-3 weeks of 3x/week hard swim workouts to get up to where I want to be.  I would like to do a 1500m time trial in early April and hope to PB it, and 2 swims a week do not a PB make!

In terms of racing, it looks like I will be doing a triathlon on April 16 in Arizona!  I'm heading down there on April 14-22 (Geoff is coming a day or two after me) for a bit of a holiday/training camp, and cannot wait!  Actually honestly I have barely been thinking about it at all, as I've had no time to think about that kind of stuff lately.  Work-wise I have been extremely busy the past month which has been keeping me outta trouble!  The race on April 16 (which I should probably sign up for soon) is an Olympic distance but apparently the swim is 2km - so hellz ya!  I like the sound of that!  The bike is a bit shorter than normal Olympic as it's 20 miles (36 km), and the run is the usual 10km.  I am super excited to get down there and enjoy some warm temperatures (hot?) and just train my butt off.  I don't know what kind of shape I'll be in for the race but it will certainly be good training and great to get in an early triathlon.  Geoff's parents will be there as well, as it's their house, and my brother Donald will be joining us so that makes it all the more fun!  We will have to celebrate a bit while down there as my little bro is gonna be a plastic surgeon - he just found out he was accepted into his Plastics residency program in Calgary for September!  So happy for him :)

In other exciting news - the flights and condo for Kona have been booked for the trip June 1-10, so it's all set!  Now I just have to train train train and get myself in stellar shape for that race, which I hear is a pretty tough course (the run, anyway)!  Looking forward to some sunshine in the next few months and Arizona and Hawaii will be a good place to get it! 

That's all for now...SO GLAD it's the weekend!  Enjoy everyone!

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