Sunday, April 3, 2011

can't hardly wait

For spring and warm weather! As I write this I'm watching 'blue crush' and eating a popsicle. How's that for wishful thinking? Well it almost seems like spring has arrived. We had a really nice week here, it was sunny and above zero every day, so the snow has finally started melting! Unfortunately we have a looong way to go here, it will probably be another 3-4 weeks before it's all gone, based on the amount that is still around:

We've definitely made some progress.  It may look like a lot but this is nothing compared to what it was before:

But, in less than 2 weeks I will be here:

I'm sooo looking forward to my trip to sunny Arizona... I honestly feel like I've never needed a vacation more than I do right now!  I'm going to do a whole lot of swim/bike/run while there and just enjoy my time off work.  There's also a race on April 16, a couple days after I arrive (Phoenix Triathlon - at Lake Pleasant), which will be a great season-starter, and also the first time my bike will have been ridden outside since September!  Well, second, as I will definitely be going out for a long ride the day before! 

This weekend was a superb weekend of training for me.  Friday evening after work I got outside for a lovely run in the setting sun, which ended up being about an hour with some hill repeats in the middle.  Lots of puddles and melting snow/ice everywhere so my feet got wet but no complaints here as it's much better than dealing with frozen toes from artic temperatures!   Yesterday I swam early before coaching, did about 2500m mostly aerobic stuff, and stopped on the way home to pick up Starbucks lattes and breakfast - yum!  In the afternoon I had a long brick to do, which consisted of 2:05 trainer ride (with lots of big gear and some standing intervals), then a 30 min run in the sun.  It was a good workout, although I felt kind of bonky during the last 5 mins of the run.  I haven't had any Carbo-pro for a while, and so I've been doing these long bricks without any... but I think I really need those extra carbohydrates and calories.  I ordered some yesterday so hopefully it arrives in the mail before next Saturday's brick. 

This morning was the Coyote Run, which is an annual group run STARRT puts on, but really more of a social thing more than a race.  Actually it's not a race in the least, it's just a really good long run followed by a potluck where everyone brings a dish.  There's a shorter route and a long route, and I opted for the long one, which ended up being around 23 km (about 1:56).  I must say I felt great this morning!  It's really nice to be able to wear capri's instead of tights!  After the run we re-fueled, chatted, and enjoyed a cup of coffee, then I had to bail to get home and ready for my next session - 60min strength session with geoff at Body Architects!  Christian worked us hard today - lots of core/strength/balance/some power stuff and a great workout to end my big weekend of training (6.5 hours - which is a lot for me).   The focused strength training workouts have really made a difference so far, as i'm feeling stronger than ever and my hips and joints no longer get sore on long runs.  Yay!  My legs and body felt great the entire nearly 2 hours this morning! 

I spent the afternoon/evening working on the computer and wearing zensah calf compression sleeves, necessary after this morning's workouts:

In other news, geoff and I discovered it's probably not a good idea to leave hugo and wylie free to roam in the house when we're not there.  I came home from work one day last week and found this:

Destructive little Wylie had decided to tear up some books!  He's certainly looking pretty proud of himself isn't he... 

Happy training!

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