Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wait, not so fast

This evening I had one of those runs where I fully realized the importance of going slow when you are supposed to.  Geoff had on the schedule an easy 50 minute run, and I really forced myself to go slow and easy the entire run, which I find sometimes (most of the time) can be tough.  I always seem to want to just run faster and harder for some reason.  Starting out easy is something that I have struggled with in running races, and also triathlons, by going out too hard and then dying.  I'm slowly learning about this, and have discovered that it takes a lot of willpower to just hold back at the beginning of a race, or to just go slow and easy when I am supposed to!  I think I'm getting better at pacing, though, and will continue to improve at this. 

After my weekend workouts, there still has been no rest for the legs.  Monday I had a strength/power session with Christian that was scheduled before I left for my trip, and it was too late to change it when I discovered Geoff had a run interval workout scheduled on the same day.  So strength from 6-7pm (hard freakin' session with lots of plyo work!), came home, rested for about an hour, then hit the tready for a run interval session (50 minutes total including 6 x 2 min hard).  After that I could definitely feel that my whole body was going to be sore the next day, and sure enough - it was, and still is!  

However, the easy run today (which I figure was slower than about 9min/mile pace) feels like it did wonders for my legs, as they are feeling much better now.  See, those easy recovery runs (if done right) can be very useful indeed.  Imagine that!

I am now in the midst of a run focus this week and next, which will be followed by a bike focus for a couple weeks.  Also, it's about high time i got myself in proper swimming shape, so I'm going to be swimming hard in my swim workouts for at least the next few weeks, which started last night with a good session in the pool.  Although I swam frequently in AZ, all the swims I did there were easy, about 2200yards.  It really was not possible to do anything fast as the pools were 87F which is like bathwater!

Happy training!


Jeremy Hopwood said...

agree totally, so many people go way to hard on easy days. I often cruise around at 6 min/km pace on easy runs and get passed but everyone and their dog (quite literally in Vancouver)

Julie said...

There's that expression I've heard again and again...Go easy when your schedule says easy, so you can go hard when it is time to go hard.

Exciting about the run focus and then the bike focus!