Friday, June 3, 2011

Pre-race Honu 70.3

Just a quick post with some pics before race day tomorrow - I can't believe it has finally arrived!.  So, we arrived on the Big Island Wednesday evening, and so far I absolutely love this place!  We are staying in a 2-bedroom, 2-storey townhouse in the Waikoloa Beach Resort, which could not be more perfect.  There were some travel hiccups, as we discovered in the Kona airport that Stephen's bag unfortunately didn't make the plane :(  However, after several delays on Thursday, the plane eventually arrived and with it the bag!

Yesterday Geoff, Stephen and I made our way over to Hapuna Beach, which is the where the race starts.  The water is fabulous!  It was quite windy yesterday, so there was a lot of chop and current in the water.  I loved it!  The ocean is amazing - if I lived here I think I would be in it every single day!  Definitely paradise, with the crystal clear waters, warm temperatures, and all the ocean creatures!  Today we did a quick little tune up swim at Waikoloa beach, which is a little rockier than Hapuna, and had the pleasure of seeing 2 giant sea turtles just floating around!  It was breathtaking!

Stephen and I did a 20 min jog/build yesterday afternoon - you can really notice the humidity here, and of course the heat!  It's going to be a HOT run tomorrow!

Today was spent doing pre-race stuff, including getting the bikes race ready and checked in, and run gear dropped off for the 2nd transition.  This race has 2 separate transitions.  Geoff's was awesome today and helped with gear stuff and making sure the bikes got dialed in, etc.  He's our race sherpa and keeping us organized, and doing a good job of it!

Morning view from our condo:

We had some visitors this morning... so far there have been 4 cats who have wandered over to our patio!

Just after our short swim at Waikoloa beach today.  I was planning to wear the one-piece 2XU suit to race in but have changed my mind and am opting for my bathing suit (sports bra underneath), and throwing on some tri shorts in T1.  Wetsuits are not permitted as the water is so warm.  I think I'll be more comfortable in that!

So, race starts at 7am local time (11am MST), and if you want to track me on I'm racer #1550, in W30-34 age group!  I'm so excited to race - it's going to be hot, humid, windy and hard, but BRING IT ON, I'm ready for the challenge and whatever the day may bring!!

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runningman said...

Have a great race you two! I'm really jealous. I was at the relay for life here in Calgary and it was chilly. Bring some Hawaii weather back with you!