Monday, July 18, 2011

How to train for an Ironman in 7 weeks

Well, I'm not too sure actually, ask Geoff - he's taking care of all my training plans.  And so far, things are going great!  Only 6 weeks to go.  After GWN, I enjoyed an easy recovery week and ended up with a 3 hour trainer ride to do the following Saturday, due to the miserable weather we were having.  To be honest, it wasn't bad at all!  I just put on the Sex & the City movie, which is nearly 2.5 hours long, so the time passed quite quickly.

Last week was a focused running week, which meant runs on Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sat/Sun.  My legs felt pretty junky during the week but I had a massage on Friday (most painful one ever!), which did wonders for my weekend workouts.  It certainly was a big training weekend, and included a 4 hour ride/30 min on Saturday, and a 1:40 run and 3800m swim on Sunday.  The bike ride on Saturday actually went pretty awesome.  Larry rode with me for the first 100km so I was very grateful for the company!  The first half of the ride was grey skies and slightly cooler temperatures, but as soon as we turned around, the skies cleared and we had beautiful hot sun for the remainder of the ride - which was so enjoyable!  I made a couple changes to my position last week, which included lowering my seat a notch and tilting the saddle slightly downwards.  I felt really strong and powerful on that 120km ride and also much more comfortable.  My neck didn't get as sore as it normally gets, and my legs felt great.  I know it's a given that there's going to be a lot of discomfort during 180km in the race, but I'm really glad to have experienced those improvements from making just a few small adjustments. 

My run yesterday was hot hot hot!!  I loved it.  However, I was off to quite a late start, having been out super late the night before with my friends and siblings, as BFF Jadeen was visiting and we had a fun night out planned!  So I didn't get my lazy @$$ out the door till 1pm, but my legs actually felt really good despite the long workout the day before, and I ended up having a really strong run workout.  After stretching, cooling off, and refueling, I headed to the pool around 5pm for a solo 3800m easy swim.  I tried to recruit big sis Alice to swim with me but she was tired after winning her age group and getting 3rd overall at the Wetaskiwin triathlon that morning - stellar race!  She is going to do my other long swims with me though for the next 4 weeks, on Saturday mornings.  Probably not the best idea to jump immediately from doing a maximum of 2200-2400m this entire year all the way up to 3800, but it worked out just fine and I'll continue to do one long swim a week, between 4-5km. 

Today was a recovery day!  I did a strength/core workout at home for 45 min, caught up on some laundry, and am now watching the Bachelorette with Alice.  And I even had time for a self pedicure - you can barely even tell that I am missing nearly 4 toenails on these feet!  My apologies that a shot of my feet is the only pic for this post...

Next weekend I'm riding in the Tour D'Alberta, which will be a 185km supported ride on Sunday.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to get used to being on the bike for that long and to practice the nutrition piece and hopefully get that dialled in.  Looking forward to it, as some of the STARRT members will be riding as well (most in the 100km option).  Let's hope for some hot sunny weather!


runningman said...

Keep up the training, sounds like you're gonna be ready to letterrrr rip. I'll probably be there to cheer you on, I'll def. look for you. Wait I think I mentioned that already. Anyways to answer your question, no no tris for me, I'm just focussed on next year's IMC. You'll have to sign up for that one too so that I can try and catch you. T R Y being the key word there, ha ha.

Julie said...

What a solid amount of training you have put in so far -- YAY!! Very good news about those minor adjustments -- those small changes pay HUGE dividends for sure.

Nice pedi by the way!! Looks like you have all your toenails to me! Hee-hee! :)