Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ready to Race

So it's less than 24 hours to go now before Ironman Canada starts tomorrow - wow!  We arrived in Penticton late Thursday afternoon (Geoff, my bestie Bonnie, and I), then drove 30 minutes up the crazy-steep, winding Green Mountain Road that leads to Apex mountain, where our quaint little condo is.  It is so quiet and deserted up here, and very nice to be away from all the chaos and gong show that goes on around the race site!  Here is the view from our window:

There's a bunch of cows that seem to just wander around freely up here, kinda funny as we see them walking by every morning, just grazing on grass. 

 Bonnie and I before heading down to the race site this morning to drop gear/bike off.  Bonnie and Geoff have been great support and will be my cheering squad tomorrow! 

 My race machine, all ready to go (sans working computer - unfortunately my bike computer stopped working the other day and despite changing the batteries and fiddling around a bit, can't seem to get it working.  Will have no speed/cadence/distance, but oh well...).

Organizing all the gear bags is like a sport all on its own!  Swim to bike bag, bike to run bag, bike special needs bag, etc, etc, etc!  Think I got everything...

Anyway, I'm number 2471, and racing in W30-34 category if you are tracking online at .
Good luck to all my friends and blog/twitter peeps racing tomorrow! 

Feeling great, and ready to tackle the challenge tomorrow of 3.8km swim/180km bike/42.2km run in the heat of the Okanagan.  Bring it on!! 

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