Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Queen of Hearts crown

After IMC, I took a nice break which included a week off training and exercising (okay so I did one hot yoga class the Friday after the race) and started back into some strength training and easy running.  I took 2 weeks off swimming and didn't bike for 3 weeks.  I had planned for a long time to do the Rotary Run 10km on Sept. 11, more to just participate and support the race than to actually 'race', as I've done this event every year since 2006 (the cause is close to my heart).  Even better was that my bestie Bonnie and her sister Becky came out to do the 5km race, which was their first race ever!

The Rotary Run turned out pretty awesome!  I ended up running a PB for the 10km, just under 45min (44:59 to be exact), so only a few seconds but a PB is a PB!  As I had taken a week off running and hadn't done any speedwork at all, I was definitely happy with that!  I was surprised my legs came around and I actually felt really good out there.  I ended up placing 3rd female O/A in the 10k and won a Timex watch for that, so that was cool!  Also, Bonnie and Becky did great in their 5km and were even talking about a 1/2 marathon next year (Vegas?) - haha!  

During the week after the 10km I decided to get back in the pool for a couple easy swims, and did some strength and some easy runs.  My mother in law, Deborah, kept pushing me to come and race the women's-only sprint triathlon in Barrhead on Sept. 17, so finally the day before I decided to sign myself up.  My bike had been sitting there for 3 weeks since Ironman, unridden, but hey - my race wheels were still on it so it was all ready to go.  And I had even done 2 swims that week, so why not jump into the Queen of Hearts triathlon?

Deb and I had a blast at the race!  It was super fun doing a women's-only event, and it was a well organized race and great course.  The distances were a 750m pool swim, 20km bike, and 6.2km run.  

We both ended up having great races, with Deb placing 2nd overall and me taking the overall win!  They even had the mayor doing the medal presentations...

On our way back to St. Albert, we stopped at the Hudderite colony and picked up some fresh produce, jams, and baked goods.  Yum!

I'm so glad I was able to squeeze in another tri for the season - almost forgot how much I like sprint races!  Now it's time to enjoy this second summer we're so fortunate to be having, and get back into a fall run focus.  Depending on how things go, I may even do a 1/2 marathon on Thanksgiving weekend.  

Happy training!


Julie said...

YAY for the PB and another YAY for the 1st female OA! Nice to see the IM fitness carried over to a great running PB! :) :)

mike said...

Your a machine Lisa Congrats on both races, keep up the great work! To answer your question I hope to do the Ottawa race again but we will see how things pan out. Say hi to Geoff for me.

Darin Hunter said...

Great work in the overall win!! Take a little time to rest before getting into some serious run training, the body definitely needs a break to fully recover. Awesome job!