Monday, October 3, 2011

It's that simple

I love this little diagram that my boss sent me recently - so simple and so very true!  I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm already doing!

Not much going on here, other than working a ton, spending time with hubby/friends/family, and enjoying me some fall running!  I really do love running at this time of year - beautiful sights and perfect temperatures.  Summer arrived to Edmonton in September, we had a bunch of 30C+ days which was awesome.  After those couple of races I did a few weeks ago, my focus has since been on running, strength training, and hot yoga.  I've been consistently getting in one hot yoga session (90min), a strength/power session (back to one on one training with Body Architects), and 5 runs a week, with 1-2 easy swims.  No cycling!  Ha!

It seems every year at the end of the race season I end up taking a few months completely off biking.  Only got on my bike once in September, and that was for the sprint triathlon.   Maybe not the best idea, but some time off is a definite must for me.  I'll probably set my bike up on the trainer very soon and start doing 1-2 easy trainer rides a week as recovery.  Before next year's triathlons I really need to focus a bit more on cycling, as there is still loads of room for improvement in that discipline. [and of course there's still tons of room for improvement on my run but that is always a work in progress]  So starting in December/January, I will plan to do a bit more volume/intensity/focused rides (on the trainer of course as it's cold and snowy here!), and aim to improve my bike times for next year.

But first, back to the work in progress... I heart fall running!

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Julie said...

I love that flow chart! SO true! Hee-hee! I am with you about fall running -- so beautiful some mornings. And the days that are frigging cold -- they are OK too. Hahah -- I still feel the heat of Penticton on me -- I'll take cooler weather. LOL.

I am excited for your running progress - and cycling progress of course. I get motivated reading your blog. :) :)